adhang131. About is a world-class online digital marketing agency based in Nigeria, and first internet public enlightenment agency in west Africa. It’s manned by some of biggest online public enlightenment, digital marketing optimization, conversion and targeting experts in the industry. Armed with most advanced, comprehensive and robust set of latest technologies and tools to inform, persuade and market or educate a populace online. In running a promotional or enlightenment digital campaign, AdHang incorporates different online digital marketing elements and multiple traditional promotion’s mix in digital space such as product placement, advertising, direct marketing, public relation and much more.


2. Can help company from outside Nigeria to market in Nigeria or Africa?

Yes, any company or organization outside Nigeria can subscribe to to market in Nigeria, any country in Africa or entire continent of Africa (English only).

In addition, has professionals in different parts of the world working for, you can see this in’s various online activities. This isn’t only made stands out in international community, is one of ways ensures that its online digital marketing services are consistence with international best practices, standard and best serves all clients irrespective of location or nation of the world.


3. I have a marketing department and other agency managing my Adverts in TV, Radio and Print media, do I still need

Yes, is a digital marketing specialist and should be regard as an extension of your marketing department with online media focus only, online digital marketing being core expertise. This is main reason doesn’t accept any other form of media advertising outside online marketing from any prospect; instead, advises prospect to look for agencies that deal on those areas for example TV, radio, newspaper, bill board, below the line advertising agencies etc.


4. Our organization needs additional channels and has bigger budget than AdHang’s Premium Plan. How do we go about it? can include additional online marketing channels e.g email marketing, sms, among others and accommodate bigger budget to suit organization’s online promotion aggressiveness, for example there can be AdHang’s premium plan for creating awareness;  separate premium plan for stimulating demand or increasing sales; plan for educating masses. Also dedicated premium plan targeting Nigerian populace, separate plan targeting entire Africa continent etc. welcomes more online media channels inclusion, and bigger budget than its default premium plan to achieve any size of organization’s online promotion objectives and goals.


5. I have lower budget than Economic Plan. How do I go about it?

Tell AdHang team your budget and duration for it.’s online marketing administrators will review your budget and duration you specify and tell you online advertisement format(s) and platform(s) the budget can involve. is flexible enough to accommodate cost-sensitive advertisers.


6. Can abide by my/our company’s advertisement terms? follows international advertisement best practices and standards.  Generally, will abide by advertiser’s advertising terms. E.g. non incentive vs. incentive advertising.


7. Can work with our/my advertisement theme with other media channels?

Yes, AdHang will evaluate, write and design advertisement that is consistent or exact message with the organization’s advertisement theme running in other media such as Radio, TV, News paper, Billboard etc. will maintain on internet the advertisement’s campaign(s) appearance, feel, sound and message.


8. Does accept CPC, PPL, PPM, and PPA kind of payment and marketing methods in its plans? doesn’t render or bother you with all these terms; these are payment methods, processes and metrics. As professionals we focus on objectives and goals orientated digital marketing, incorporating integrated online’s digital promotion elements, all available internet media channels and run well define massive online exposures. takes away all the stress, confusion and waste of time for you to focus on biggest optimization and targeting; armed with the very best and most advanced, comprehensive and robust set of technologies, platforms and digital advertising tools.


9. Does offer custom web campaign service?

Yes, offers custom web campaign services and tools such as content writing or promotion; sale/demo videos creation or marketing; online banner design or its placement in platforms; social networking fanpage design or promotion; infograph design or marketing; Ads headlines creation, internet display ads management etc. Custom service can also include, running ads in specific online websites.


10. Does offer training and consultancy service? doesn’t offer digital marketing training or consultancy service to the public, however we offer advice and consultation only to AdHang’s client to better engage a client and achieve an online marketing objectives and goals.


11. In plans I saw article, online presentation, video, press release etc. Would allow those contents online when subscriptions end?

Yes, whenever subscriptions end, only “display text advert and banners” will be recalled and paused from all the platforms. All contents remain permanent online in respective places working for you even when your subscriptions end. No extra charge or fee.


12. Who owns the copyright to all the creative works created by for my online marketing campaigns?

You own the copyright to all the creative works and internet formats created for your campaigns such as banners, articles, ads copies, online interactive media like online presentation, videos etc. That means you’re free to use them for further online advertising campaigns with us or some where else.


13. How about confidentiality of my data? doesn’t share or disclose client’s confidential and proprietary in nature information disclosed in the course of engagement to carry out its duty to any third-party. Also, all online metrics gathering during online advertising campaigns will be kept secret and shared with you only. This is one of main reasons doesn’t offer consultancy service. AdHang’s team takes privacy serious.


14. I need to start the online advertisement now and how would I start with

To start, you start by choosing a plan suitable to you here. After payment, send us your online marketing “Brief” whether you’re government’s agency, corporate body, event organizer, or public figure.

The online advertising “Brief” document will contain everything about your online’s marketing/advertising, such as your objectives, marketing goals, advertisement’s plan you chose, target audiences, contact person’s name and phone number, logo, website address if any, landing page link, service’s or product’s name and features (in case of company’s product advert), advertising duration, organization name etc.

This will serve as blue print that will guide AdHang’s team in all the creative materials preparation, digital advertising design formats and campaigns focus. When AdHang’s team gets the “Brief” the preparations will start immediately and you will be notified when all the creative works are done, before they go live online.

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