Digital Marketing Nigeria

AdHang employs ‘creative’ talents with skills to take the germ of an idea and transform it into an engaging, appealing and compelling message, and incorporates it into holistic multi-channel online digital communication tools. I.e. AdHang harnesses the power of advanced online digital interactive technologies, all available online digital channels and runs cohesive and coherent daily massive internet exposure campaigns to reach out millions of Nigerians or entire Africans in the continent.

AdHang has unique approach to different campaigns. Choose a segment below that best describes you to see the approach:



Business/Corporate body/Company

>> Mainly for increase of sales or subscribers, acquire more customers, brand awareness, etc. “Click here”.


 Organization/Institution such as Schools, Government, etc.

>> Mainly for public enlightenment, announcement, educating state’s populace online, etc. “Click here”.


Carnival/Rally/Crusade/Concert/ all Events

>> Mainly to attract ticket buyers, participants, create public awareness, etc. “Click here”.


Celebrity/Politician/Artist/Futurist/Activist/ all Public Figures

>> Mainly to build or repair public opinion, political campaign, attract supporters, influence the masses, etc. “Click here”.


Online Digital Public Relation for any of the above

>> Mainly for online reputation management, crises management, image/brand promotion, etc. “Click here”.