AdHang is a world-class online political campaign agency based in Nigeria, and the first internet public enlightenment agency in Africa.  In today’s political campaign battlefield, political online campaign is the key to winning, no matter if it is at the federal level for a presidency, senate or for state governor, house of representative or local government chairman.



Wherever electorates consume information online…via desktop, laptop, phablet, tablet, smart phone…in social media, news sites, search engines, blogs… we reach them. AdHang has online campaign veterans with over 15 years of experience in new media engagement, strategies and achieving milestones. AdHang agency is equipped with comprehensive political campaign system, most advanced, robust set of technologies and tools to inform, persuade, remind and reinforce. AdHang will help you embark on strategic electorates campaign advertising; design and create online political campaign from start to finish and achieve your objectives, such as heavy awareness, attract voters, run reminder campaign, reinforce political aspirations to the populace, etc.


Hire AdHang to help your party triumph on political campaign battlefield, accelerate your recognition among voters and win attention away from opponents.

For STANDARD plans and quick overview click here. For questions, proposal, illustrations, approach and many more, you can reach AdHang through the following form:

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