Do you have a video to promote to Nigerians? Hire AdHang’s experts to help you reach your target audience in Nigeria or across Africa. With over ten years of experience in the field of online promotion in Nigeria and across Africa. AdHang can promote your video to reach the target audience and watch by millions of Nigerians across the nation via internet.   AdHang uses professional web promotion strategies, global best practice and standards to promote videos around the web.


AdHang has over 80 most popular web video publishing sites to promote and publish your video such as youtube, vimeo, cokoyes, etc. Video promotion methods used by AdHang are instream method, on-display method, sharing method and publishing method (depends on your budget and level of awareness needed).


AdHang can help you promote different types of videos on the internet to millions of Nigerians, Africans, audience anywhere or across the continent. AdHang has expertise in promoting videos such as commercial video, spokesperson video, sales video, testimonial video, documentary video, public enlightenment video, case study video, educational video, explainer video, demo/illustration video, endorsement video, political campaign video, press release video, etc.


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