There are 17 facts to note about AdHang, the Nigerian leading digital marketing agency. The facts below are segmented into 5, based on areas AdHang specializes in.

Business digital marketing facts

Fact 1: is an expert at bringing customers and potential buyers who are looking for what business offers.

Fact 2: will identify where a company is lacking digital marketing opportunities in Nigeria or entire Africa and help fix them. This means businesses around the globe that have business interests in Nigeria or Africa can get their marketing problems solved by

Fact 3: can increase business revenue online in Nigeria as it has seasoned digital marketing experts that will be dedicated to the company’s success around the clock.

Fact 4: is a game-changing opportunity in Nigeria and hiring is the biggest weapon against competitors.

Event online advertising facts

Fact 5: In advertising an event online will meet communication objectives, develop a campaign strategy that will create massive awareness by using all online media channels. will include details of how to enter, steps to follow, and how to collect the ticket.  AdHang’s strategy ensures that coverage continues in the run-up to an event and to help create a sense of occasion around the event.

Fact 6: is armed with the very best and most advanced, comprehensive, and robust set of technologies and tools to get the event’s digital marketing campaign result faster and easier than ever in Nigeria.

Fact 7: offers goals oriented digital campaigns and when hired, the team works around the clock to ensure achieving event online campaign goals. When it comes to an event online digital advertising in Nigeria, no one understands it better than

Online public relation facts

Fact 8: is manned by some of the biggest internet public relations, optimization, and targeting experts in the online digital marketing industry.

Fact 9: AdHang’s Online PR and reputation management, through monitoring, analyzing, and influencing online conversations, can become a crucial part of your day to day online success. online PR will serve to raise your profile and to bolster and protect the hard-earned online reputation that is so essential to your online success.

Fact 10: Amateur web-public relation kills trust; invest in a quality web Pr service as has professionals who know what they’re doing.

Fact 11: will be constantly monitoring, measuring PR campaigns, optimizing and evaluating Nigerian online users’ actions, responses, and reactions; and will send the report to you as the situations demand.

Celebrities/Public Figures digital marketing facts

Fact 12: public figure online relationship strategic approach will change Nigerian perception and behaviors via online, to enhance or consolidate a reputation around the nation, which can be seen as the basis of trust

Fact 14 Point: professionally runs digital advertisement campaign in Nigeria in such a way that is accurate, complete, clear and design to promote credibility and trust by the Nigerian general public.

Fact 15: designs online ads to be compatible in a way that no matter where Nigerians are or gadget they’re using, they will see an advert runs by, they will see an advert in places such as at home on their computers, they’re logged in to a library computer, or on their smartphones, or on laptops in coffee shops

Internet public enlightenment facts

Fact 16: AdHang’s internet public enlightenment will lead to instant massive exposure of your information all over the internet.

Fact 17: Internet public enlightenment by AdHang will be handled professionally from start to finish and flawlessly engage the right target Nigerian audience the message is meant for.

These are 17 facts about AdHang

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