Aqualis Soap Digital Marketing Case Study in Nigeria


Dreams cosmetics is an international beauty products manufacturing company that produces quality skincare products like soap, creams and cosmetics specifically tailored to bring out the beauty in the African skin. Their cosmetics ranges for men, women, and children are currently being marketed in Nigeria by Top wide ventures and include the Aqualis soap ranges . They recently launched the newest member of this soap ranges; Aqualis African black and needed to create focused awareness to generate results that would guarantee their ROI.

Quality that keeps getting better:

In keeping with their image of being at the frontline for innovation in skincare for Africans, the Aqualis African black was launched in Nigeria. This black soap is made of the finest natural ingredients and has proven benefits in clearing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and targets different skin types. With this kind of quality, and riding on the quality of the already existing brands, one would think it would be fairly easy for the Aqualis black soap to make its mark in the Nigerian markets.

However, it wasn’t the smooth sailing the company expected. They quickly realized that the key challenge they faced was the stiff competition. With so many black soap brands already in the market, (including the locally made black soap) and all claiming to be the best at treating skin conditions and giving the softest healthiest skin, it would be quite an uphill task for the new soap brand to make its mark in the already choked and fiercely competitive market. Coupled with the low public awareness and enlightenment on the clear benefits of this soap, they needed a skilled digital marketing team to generate the results they wanted.

After a thorough search for a digital marketing firm that would help to showcase their new launch, the Dreams cosmetics group finally reached out to the AdHang team with the mandate to generate tangible results that could be seen in a couple of months. AdHang assesses the situation and comes up with specific measurable outcomes.

What AdHang did

The AdHang team carried out a comprehensive situational and SWOT analysis of the Aqualis soap and came up with specific parameters that would define success in this brand awareness campaign. Some of the key advertising scopes the agency came up with are as follows:

1. Consumers’ education on the benefits of using the new soap brand.
2. Constant brand awareness to keep the brands in the Public eye.
3. Clear differentiation of the Aqualis black soap from the competition.

How did AdHang set out to achieve these?

  • Online press releases were written about Aqualis soap and published on 300+ big news sites
  • The soap sale’s content was also written and published on big Nigerian online forums
  • Promotional write up and educative blogposts were placed permanently on
  • Posts were shared on active Nigerian social media groups with hundreds of thousands of members
  • 5 creative advert headlines were created
  • 5 professional online banners were placed on 3 selected local Nigeria’s sites

The outcome…..

In less than one month, Aqualis soap now comes up in search engines for some strategic keywords and phrases.

There is better awareness of both the Aqualis black soap and the other Aqualis ranges across the 36 states in Nigeria.

Nigerian users were and are still being educated about the soap and its benefits and more customers are being recruited daily, as the educative posts remain permanently in the news sites, online forums and blogs across the internet.


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