Automotive Digital Marketing Agency in Africa

With the growing number of automobile buyers searching the internet for cars, and huge competition in the automotive industry in Nigeria; as an automobile manufacturer or dealer you need cutting-edge digital marketing approaches.  AdHang as the top automobile branding agency in Nigeria, Africa has the solution to help your automobile brand excel in Nigeria through aggressive, strategic, and advanced digital marketing in Nigeria.

As the No.1 automobile digital marketing agency in Nigeria, with 15+ years of experience in digital marketing, AdHang will help your company create awareness, get leads, sales, and spread the brand tentacles across Nigeria.

Automotive digital marketing objectives AdHang can help your brand achieve in Nigeria, Africa

When AdHang is hired for automobile digital marketing in Nigeria, objectives the agency can help your company accomplish include but not limited to the following:

  1. Car buyers education nationwide or at particular cities in Nigeria, e.g., Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt.
  2. Create awareness about your automotive brands in Nigeria.
  3. Establish your brand as the superior alternative over all car brands currently in Nigeria.
  4. Foster buyers’ confidence through strategic content marketing in Nigeria.
  5. Become No.1 in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo among automobile brands in Nigeria.
  6. Get automobile leads and stimulate car sales in Nigeria.
Automobile Digital marketing services in Nigeria
Whether your company represents any new or old automobile brand in Nigeria, AdHang as the leading automotive digital marketing agency in Nigeria has customized, tactical, and strategic digital marketing to achieve your advertising goals in Nigeria.

Automobile Digital Marketing Strategies in Nigeria Employ by the Agency

Digital marketing strategies for automobiles by AdHang are many and varied – depending on many factors such as brand life cycle, marketing goals, brand positioning needed at the moment, marketing budget, competitors’ activities, the target audience, etc.  Generally, below are few of the automotive marketing processes and strategies used by the agency:

  • Situation analysis to understand where your automobile brand stands and direction to go
  • Digital marketing planning and advertising tactics formulations
  • Digital marketing communication creation – message and creative appeals
  • Social media marketing – video ads, social networking, online forum, news aggregators, etc
  • Content marketing – press releases, blog reviews, infographics, etc
  • Search engine marketing –  SEO, and sponsored search ads
  • Influencers marketing – micro-influencers, news sites, bloggers, etc
  • Internet display advertising – internet banners, contextual ads, etc
  • Mobile marketing – creating adverts that seamlessly run on tablets, feature phones, smartphones, etc
 top automobile branding agency in Africa
Note: as an advanced automobile digital marketing agency in Nigeria, AdHang can market your cars to different categories of people and segments – prospects who have not heard of the brand or particular car, those who heard but yet to buy, those who have purchased, those who are at the moment of buying cars, etc.

Automobile Digital Marketing Packages

Whether you are looking for automobile brand awareness in Africa or to educate the market, get leads, sales in Nigeria; any of the three options below get you started with the agency:

  1. You can send your automobile advertising brief so the agency can study it and give you a quote (please make the brief comprehensive, e.g., car(s) to sale, brand, target audience, marketing objectives, goals, starting date and duration of the campaign, advertising budget, etc). With these AdHang team will have data to work with and get back to you.
  2. Choose any of the agency’s comprehensive digital marketing plans here.  Or smaller packages here.
  3. Or if you are certain about any of the digital marketing components that will achieve your goals, select any digital marketing component below to view the detail, and hire the agency.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps your automobile brand and auto dealers to be at the top of search engines in Nigeria such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., therefore increasing the branding, leads, sales, etc. Read more

Content Marketing

Content marketing to create assorted digital marketing creatives for automobile brand promotion and consumers education such as press release, infographic, cars reviews, etc. Read more

Search Engine Display Ads

Display your cars and automobile company to prospects and buyers who are searching automobile related information – car to buy, latest cars, car repair, etc. Read more

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing for automobile in Nigeria helps your company in branding, and to reach and engage prospects and get buyers for your cars in Nigeria using social networking sites, online forums, etc. Read more...

Online Media Planning

Without digital marketing planning you may be doing wrong marketing and spending on useless marketing. So this marketing help your automobile company in Nigeria starts marketing the right way. Read more

Automotive Website Designing

If you have no website, or if you are a foreign brand interested in Nigeria automotive market, you may need a website or page dedicated to Nigeria to showcase your different cars to buyers and prospects. Read more

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