Aviation Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria, Africa

It is not news that air travelers search online to compare flight to book and other aviation services in Nigeria, Africa. Challenges most aviation companies face are having the right digital marketing approach that will help them not only reach the target travelers but get sales and remain competitive in Nigeria, Africa.

The solution to your aviation digital marketing in Africa is AdHang, the leading aviation digital marketing agency in Africa.  With over 15 years of experience in digital marketing services in Africa, AdHang is the perfect aviation digital marketing agency in Nigeria, Africa to help your aviation company engage its target demographics, get sales, and increase revenues in Nigeria, Africa.

Anywhere aviation customers and travelers consume information online AdHang reaches them – social media, news portals, blogs, search engines, eCommerce sites, etc.

Flight online marketing services in Africa

4 Reasons to hire AdHang as your aviation digital marketing agency in Nigeria, Africa

  1. AdHang is the most advanced aviation digital marketing agency in Africa.
  2. Over 15 years of experience in digital marketing in Nigeria.
  3. AdHang will work around the clock to sell your aviation services in Nigeria, Africa, etc.
  4. AdHang consists of international standard aviation digital marketing experts.
Note: our aviation digital marketing services in Africa cover all English speaking African countries and will help you advertise your aviation business in all the region – from Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Uganda to Kenya.

What are the processes of AdHang’s aviation Digital Marketing in Nigeria, Africa?

  1. The agency will ask and understand objectives of aviation digital marketing in Nigeria, Africa, e.g., awareness, educate the travelers, get leads, sell flight ticket, etc.
  2. Carry out your aviation service situation analysis (this includes SWOT analysis), e.g., is it a new aviation company, who are the competitors, the target routes in Nigeria, Africa, demographics, etc.
  3. Determine the aviation marketing communication needs, e.g., message strategies, creative strategies, etc.
  4. Choose the aviation components of digital marketing to use for the campaigns and achieve the aviation’s digital marketing objectives in Nigeria, Africa.
  5. Create all the aviation’s internet marketing creatives, e.g., internet banners, headlines, contextual ads, PR, commercial videos, etc.
  6. Select online platforms to deploy the aviation digital marketing creatives and the online marketing of the aviation services in Nigeria, Africa will begin.

AdHang’s Aviation Digital Marketing Strategies in Nigeria, Africa

Aviation digital marketing strategies in South Africa

Digital Marketing Strategies for Aviation AdHang simultaneously employs include but not limited to the following:

  1. Aviation SEM – this includes aviation SEO (organic search) and sponsored search advertising across search engines such as Google Nigeria, Yahoo, Bing, and so on.
  2. Content Marketing – from aviation service press releases, airline reviews using blogs to infographics.
  3. Internet Banner Advertising – this involves designing an aviation attractive online banner in sizes with your aviation service brand to create brand awareness across Nigeria, Africa.
  4. Aviation Social Media Marketing – with aviation social media marketing, your aviation brands will be marketed in Nigeria, Africa using different social media categories, from social networking, online forums, video sites, presentation sharing platforms to photo websites.
  5. Mobile Marketing Campaign– this aviation digital marketing strategy ensures that airline ticket buyers in Nigeria, Africa see your brand while they make use of their mobile devices such as tablets, feature phones, smartphones, etc.
  6. Influencers Marketing –   aviation influencer marketing helps you have Nigerians/Africans talk to their friends and followers about your aviation services.

AdHang’s Aviation Digital Marketing Packages in Nigeria, Africa

AdHang is flexible enough to help you advertise your aviation services, see two options:

  1. Tell AdHang your aviation services digital marketing budget, objectives, and timeframe; the agency will list the digital marketing strategies and campaign works that can be done and email them to you for review and approval.
  2. Or choose from an already made digital marketing package, click here.