Social media management cost in Nigeria by AdHang includes everything needed to manage social media such as planning, designing creative works, strategizing, running, and managing the social media account in Nigeria around the clock. AdHang team has the expertise to manage a social media account for business both for private and public liability companies, events,… Read More

  Agency helping businesses to run Digital Marketing in Nigeria AdHang is a solution to digital marketing needs in Nigeria for business of any size.  Is your business into manufacturing and looking for ways to run a digital marketing in Nigeria to increase sales? Is your business into distribution of products and looking for ways… Read More

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International professionals in majority AdHang’s project planning processes, campaign management and internet digital tools creation are done by 60% international professionals.  Most international professionals are from countries such as UK, USA, Canada, India, sri Lanka and France; while 40% are Nigerians.  Is not deliberate, AdHang is 100% clients focused, in order to give clients the best,… Read More

Recruitment digital advertising agency in Nigeria AdHang will help you reach thousands of targeted applicants for your institution or organization vacancies.  AdHang will plan, design and carry out awareness advertising to let Nigerian qualified persons know about your recruitment.  Whether for Nigerian military, police force, immigration or corporate bodies; AdHang an online digital advertising agency… Read More

    Digital marketing communications agency in Nigeria AdHang provides online marketing communications solution to businesses in divergent industries, event organizers for carnival, concert, rally, seminar, crusade, etc; public figures such as activists, political office holders, futurists, politicians, etc; institutions such as schools, churches, governments, etc. Is your team interested in reaching millions of Nigerians… Read More

AdHang is a world-class online political campaign agency based in Nigeria and the first internet public enlightenment agency in Africa.  In today’s political campaign battlefield, a political online campaign is a key to winning an election, no matter whether at the federal level for a presidential, national assembly or house of commons, gubernatorial, or state… Read More

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