Content Placement & Blogger Outreach Services in Africa

If you are a business owner looking for more opportunities to grow your business online with content placement and blogger outreach in Africa, keep reading.

In this world of extreme competition, you need to be one step ahead of your competition. If you are not constantly looking for ways to beat the competition, soon you will have no business to run.

One way to beat the competition and constantly be on top of your customer’s minds is through content placement in Africa and blog outreach.

Taking part in content placement and blogger outreach in Africa to grow your business is one thing, but doing it strategically, so that you are not working in vain is another thing.

That is why you need the help of a good link-building agency in Africa to help you strategically place your business content on the most relevant blogs with high domain authority.

This is where AdHang comes in – content placement and blogger outreach in Africa.

Why AdHang?

AdHang is a results-driven digital marketing and link-building agency in Africa that can help you strategically place content and reach out to relevant webmasters to showcase your business to their audience.

We’ve mastered the art of content placement in Africa and blogger outreach after working with a countless number of bloggers and influencers for over fourteen years.

Our proprietary methods have earned us a reputation as a reliable blog outreach agency in Africa, allowing us to secure content on blogs that link back to your websites and improve your SEO.

Our outreach methods are intended to save you time and effort when compared to manual outreach.

We connect you directly to thousands of website owners so you don’t have to.

Our expertise in the field of content placement and bloggers outreach in Africa also allows us to connect businesses and agencies like yours with the best blogs and websites in Africa.

Finding the right websites for your business takes time, but we’re dedicated to the task.

We do it efficiently and cost-effectively because we have 15 years of content placement in Africa and blogger outreach experience.

Benefits of using AdHang for content placement and blogger outreach services

When you hire AdHang for your content placement and blog outreach, here are some of the incredible benefits your business will get:

  1. Online visibility and exposure: With your content placed on high-domain websites, search engines will favor your business more than your competitors’, which will bring more eyeballs and customers to your business.
  2. Real manual outreach: No bot will do the work for you. We dedicate time and energy to ensure that your business gets to the relevant blogs and websites in Africa.
  3. High-quality content: Our in-house writers create 100% unique, high-quality content. We even allow you to pre-approve content before it is published.
  4. Contextual link: To ensure the flow of the content, the links we create are editorially written into our copy. We even allow you to pre-approve websites before they are deployed.
  5. A mix of high average and authority domains: We only publish content for your business in a such a way that is search engine friendly, from a mix of average sites to relevant, and high domain sites in Africa to ensure that search engines will see your content placement natural and prioritize your business over the competition.

Types of content we can create for you

How it works

Our content placement and blog outreach services go through four major processes:

  1. Free consultation
  2. Campaign planning
  3. Manual outreach
  4. Content production, and
  5. Deployment and reporting

Free consultation

To begin, you send us an email or WhatsApp to discuss your specific requirements.

Campaign planning

We’ll find out about your business, clients, previous blogger outreach efforts, objectives, and budget.

We’ll then develop a tailored content placement and blog outreach strategy based on the information you provide.

Manual outreach

Based on your preferences, our team will conduct manual outreach, connecting you with hundreds of relevant blogs and websites discovered by our blogger outreach program.

We’ve honed our skills at cultivating relationships with the sites you want over time.

Content production

Our creative content team in Africa will create original, one-of-a-kind content that you can approve.

The team is more than happy to make changes to your pieces if necessary.

This will only begin once you have approved the list of websites your content will be featured in.

Deployment and reporting

After you approve the sites and the content, we’ll wrap up the content creation phase of the process and start sending the finished articles to the publishers for publication.

We’ll send you the final link report to review once the order is complete.

Use the form below for further questions or to get your bloggers outreach in Africa started.

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As the leading bloggger outreach agency in Africa and award-winning agency, AdHang is the perfect partner for your content placements in Africa.

AdHang boosts best guest blogger outreach services in Africa

With our fifteen years of content placement and blogger outreach experience in Africa, we have honed and perfected our skills in placing our client’s content on the most relevant sites and blogs.

Our team of experts will be in charge of reaching out to high domain authority sites in Africa to ensure your content gets the most visibility.

Finally, we will take you along to ensure that you are satisfied with the final result.

So, if you are ready to take your business to the next level with the best link-building agency in Africa and trample your competitors like common ants, contact AdHang for your content placement and blog outreach services.