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If you are looking for the best blockchain guest posting service in Africa, you have come to the right place. As one of the best blockchain guest posting services in Africa for DeFi, CeFi, dApps and P2P platform, we will bring your crypto trading platform to your target audience.

Guest posting is a tried and true method of gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors in blockchain industry.

Guest blogging allows you to publish on blockchain guest article sites in Africa and boost your cryptocurrency platform’s reputation.

Our List of Sites for Coin DeFi/CeFi/token Sponsored Guest Post in Africa and Their Prices

  1.  Sponsored guest post costs $274 and it will be permanent on the site.
  2. Sponsored guest post costs $199 and it will be permanent on the site.
  3. Sponsored guest post costs $137 and it will be permanent on the site.
  4. Sponsored guest post costs $99 and it will be permanent on the site.
  5. Sponsored guest post costs $50 and it will be permanent on the site.
  6. Sponsored guest post costs $99 and it will be permanent on the blog.
  7. Sponsored guest post costs $50 and it will be permanent on the social site.
  • All links are do-follow
  • In sponsored article or press release, you put links as much as it makes sense
  • You are free to post thesame content on all the sites

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Marketing Your Peer to Peer Cryptocoin trading Platform in Africa

blockchain article posting Africa

Between July 2020 and June 2021, cryptocurrency use in Africa increased 1200 percent, making it the world’s fastest-growing region.

Although Africa accounts for only 2% of the worldwide value of all cryptocurrencies received and transferred, making it the world’s smallest cryptocurrency economy, the increasing popularity of this novel form of money is changing traditional financial flows to and from the continent.

Looking at the level of growth, crypto in Africa is going to be huge and you can get in front of a larger audience when you hire a reputable agency like AdHang to write and publish guest posts and place them on many of the best cryptocurrency guest posts sites in Africa.

What is guest posting?

Guest posting is the process of creating and publishing content for the websites of other businesses. Guest posting is necessary to:

  • Increase brand visibility and reputation.
  • Increase referral traffic to your website.
  • Connect with peers and establish ties with companies in your field.
  • To increase your domain authority (DA)
  • Guest blogging is a two-way street that benefits you in terms brand awareness and back linking.

Why do you need guest posting?

Build it and they will come. It doesn’t work anymore. Crypto traders in Africa can’t find your CeFi or trading platform if they don’t know who you are.

This is the typical journey of a cryptocurrency trader in Africa, especially the newbies – who are many because crypto trading in Africa is relatively new and growing massively:

  • They search online to find how to trade cryptocurrency in Africa
  • From the results, they click on your article on the first page of these search engines – these are pages with high domain authority where we publish your guest posts.
  • From that article, they come to your platform and trade crypto on your crypto trading platform.

Having seen the typical journey a crypto trader takes to land on your platform, here are some of hiring one of the best crypto guest posting services in Africa.

1. Improves brand awareness

Do you want to quickly become a leader in the crypto industry in Africa? Then you need to hire AdHang to post on one of the blockchain guest article sites in Africa.


Becoming an effective leader in the cryptocurrency industry in Africa is usually a direct outcome of whether crypto traders in Africa see you, based on your articles on many of the high domain authority cryptocurrency guest post sites in Africa.

Guest posting now increases your internet influence and awareness much faster.

The more high-quality content we publish on cryptocurrency guest post sites in Africa, the better your audience’s perception of you will be.

As a result, more people will take you seriously.

2. Exposure to a targeted audience

Whether or not you receive a backlink to your website (which we will), we can pique the attention of your target audience by contributing to other blockchain guest articles sites in Africa.

You should expect some traffic to come back to your website after your guest post goes up.

When we publish your content on these crypto guest post sites in Africa, your posts can become viral and convert into more people trading crypto on your platform.

3. Strong online authority

The goal of modern digital marketing strategies is to establish a strong online authority. You could have the best content in the world, but if your target audience does not trust your brand, converting them into traders on your crypto trading platform in Africa will be nearly impossible.

Writing and publishing on authoritative cryptocurrency guest post sites in Africa by one of the best crypto guest posting services in Africa can help you establish your brand’s credibility.

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