digital marketing strategies for app in Nigeria

Do you own an app in Nigeria that hasn’t seen the light of day despite your many efforts to market it online in Nigeria?

You created an app that solves people’s problems but you’re struggling with a problem of your own, getting people to notice and download your app. This is the nightmare of the app owner in Nigeria.

Today, you are going to learn digital marketing for apps in Nigeria that will make your target audience notice your app, believe in what the app does, and download it.

Case Study

A case study lets you demonstrate and explain how you achieved tremendous results in a specific circumstance.

For instance, with your application, a case study lets you show and explain how your app has helped people in Nigeria solve their problems.

If you want to astound your audience, then explain how your app helped get others in Nigeria to achieve amazing results – ideally with proof.

Your case study should include some basic parts like:

  1. Description of the target client and their pain points.
  2. The client’s goal.
  3. What is expected to happen after the client uses your app.
  4. The step by step process on how the app is used.
  5. The result of using your app.
  6. Conclusion on how the app helped the client and how it can help the reader.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most direct and successful method of engaging with your prospects, nurturing them, and converting them into customers. It is known for consistently outperforming all other marketing channels.

The way to use email marketing to sell more of your apps in Nigeria is to offer a free guide on how to solve your prospect’s problems using your app in exchange for their email addresses.

Once they’ve given you their email address, send them periodic emails providing value and also marketing your apps to them. If you do this well, you can convert prospects into customers and one-time buyers into raving loyal fans.


Simply put, a podcast is a collection of episodes. These episodes are audio files that are most likely hosted by a podcast hosting service. An advantage of podcasts is that you can subscribe to them, which allows you to be alerted when new episodes are released (through your favorite podcast app).

Knowing this, you can start a podcast about your app targeting Nigerians informing them about how it can help them solve their problems. If you don’t have your own podcast and if you’re not willing to start one, you can be a guest on someone else’s podcast to showcase and talk about your app and how it can help solve your prospect’s problems.

When compared to other media forms, audio stands out because of the close interaction it fosters between brand and listener. You talk directly to your audience, and as a consequence, customers in Nigeria have a more personal connection with your company and the application. Furthermore, viewers are considerably more interested in the narrative since they are encouraged to envision the ideas expressed rather than being presented with visuals as in a TV commercial, and as a result, they engage with the material differently.


SEO, or search engine optimization, helps you to promote your app by increasing traffic to your website through Internet marketing. You can improve your app’s visibility in search engine results by using SEO strategies. Increasing your search engine results ranking can drive more traffic to your app, exposing your app to a larger number of prospective Nigerian buyers. This can be done for free, but you may boost your efforts by paying for some services.

Having SEO is a vital component of your digital marketing arsenal and is critical for helping search engines find, crawl, and index your app’s website into their database.

News Release and Distribution

In digital marketing, a press release is when your company issues a concise notice about the app you want to promote. The aim is that news companies would want to cover it in their publications.

Press releases used to be an essential component of every digital marketing plan for apps in Nigeria. The “release” is what alerted your target audience to your app.

A press release may aid in a successful app launch to Nigerians if the objective of the release is understood and the release is written correctly. Here are some helpful hints for a successful press release and distribution for your app to Nigerians:

  • Announce the launch of your new app
  • Summarize the key features of the app
  • Provide more information about the app
  • Tell a captivating story about the app
  • Obtain expert opinions
  • More information about the problem solved by the app

Contextual Ads

Contextual advertising is the technique of displaying adverts on a web page based on its content or topic. It is all about aligning the content of an advertisement with the material being consumed.

Brands can engage with relevant customers at the appropriate moment by making advertising relevant to the content of a page. Ad placements with contextual targeting are more likely to be perceived as intriguing and useful — rather than unpleasant or invasive.

In this case, people who are interested in apps are more likely to download your app when they see it on niche or app-related web pages than people who are interested in something else, for example, vehicle restoration. Contextual advertising is a wonderful method to boost the effectiveness of your marketing to Nigerians because a more interested audience generally equals greater click-through rates and more downloads.


As an app owner in Nigeria looking to market their apps to Nigerians, this app digital marketing guide will help you get your app in front of as many prospects as you can handle. But it’ll require some work on your end.

But as a business owner, you’re probably busy running other areas of your business, and you may not have the time to implement all of these strategies. This is why you need the services of a seasoned digital marketing agency like AdHang.

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