Digital Marketing for Heavy Machinery Attachment Dealer in Nigeria

Do you help distribute earth-moving tools to folks who require them in Nigeria? This article is meant for you, so you’d want to hit that “do not disturb” button on your device and pay attention.

Have you’ve been following most business post-pandemic trends? If you’ve not noticed all the trends, you should have observed big heavy machine brands diverting a huge chunk of their time to online marketing (Digital Marketing).

I know you’re familiar with the popular post, “” Don’t join the crowd” but I have a better one for you, “Don’t join the ignorant crowd.” While others in your field might divert their marketing online with no strategies or clue of how to market their products online (like a farmer without a tool), you should arm yourself with enough ammunition.

Why? Even though there’s a lot to gain from the internet and digital marketing, you still have to deal with one pressing issue-competition. Heavy machinery attachment dealers in Nigeria who started years before you and newbies with way more connections may have the upper hand already. So, being a fresh-blood, you have to stand out from the rest in the heavy machinery attachment industry in Africa. That’s why we’re here.

Like all other forms of marketing, Digital Marketing involves promoting your product to ideal customers in such a way that they’ll find it appealing. The only difference here is that most of the marketing you’ll be doing will be on the internet (Online)

Now to the aim of this article. Digital marketing for heavy machinery attachment in Nigeria is quite uncommon but doable. If you perform a random Google search for Digital Marketing strategies, you’ll most likely come up with hundreds of methods both old, real and fake and you might run the risk of using a strategy that’s not meant to promote your kind of product in Nigeria.

Below is a little Digital Marketing guide for Heavy machinery attachment dealers in Nigeria like yourself.

Internet sales piece: This is our first stop in our little Digital Marketing guide for Heavy machinery attachment dealers in Nigeria. Internet sales piece is also known as article marketing and, it works perfectly when you have a website in place.

The strategy is simple. You write strategic content, say articles to promote your Business website. It doesn’t cost you to do this and, it helps establish your credibility as a heavy machinery attachment dealer in Nigeria. Ensure the titles and body of your article are optimized to include keywords your ideal customers would use whilst searching on their various search engines.

Video Advertising: Video ads are now on the rise. Everywhere you go, you’ll find skits-Funny and creative meant to both entertain and advertise brands. Fun fact, 92% of your prospects mostly consume video content compared to other forms of content.

Video promotion in Nigeria is a very effective method of improving heavy machinery attachment dealership awareness and, it’s all digital marketing. Even if you don’t know your way around your camera, you can join in on this trend by hiring a pro.

Sponsored Search ads: This is also known as Pay-per-click Marketing, Search Marketing, or Search Engine Marketing (SEM). This technique allows you to attract and build a heavy machinery attachment customer base faster. 

In this form of marketing, you’re advertising based on the needs of your potential customers when they make queries online.

You may have seen some when performing a random Google search. Such ads bear the tag-Ad on the left-hand side of your screen. It is advised that when choosing keywords, you should pick those with high volume and low competition.

Google isn’t the only search engine that offers this service. Others like Bing and Yahoo also provide such services to customers.

Landing Page: This is a page created on your website for the sole purpose of convincing prospects or customers to take a desirable action, such as buying heavy machinery attachments you sell. If you’ve clicked on a pop-up ad before, the secondary page after the ad is usually the landing page. Landing pages may be easy to create but, the content of the landing page must be to perfection.

Why? This is where an ideal customer that decides whether he/she skedaddles or clicks the “buy” option. This is where professional copywriting comes into play in Digital Marketing for Heavy machinery attachments in Nigeria. As a heavy machine dealer, you must know how to speak directly to your customers using engaging words for you to capitalize on this sales strategy.

Infographics: These are a collection of designs, charts, and text which makes the understanding of a concept easier. As most marketers in your field may have found out the hard way, not everyone is interested in reading a huge block of text ads given the short attention span people have in this age.

So, when constructing your content, a graphical representation can help reduce the number of text required to convert customers. I don’t know if you remember the game “4 pics, one word?” Notice how easy people could determine the message being passed with the use of pictures? This is the same concept.

SEO: This acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization and as far as Digital Marketing goes, it’s an important tool for heavy machinery marketers/dealers in Nigeria. Again, we’ll revisit a typical Google search. Have you observed that under the ads section is a group of posts with answers to your question?

The arrangement you see is a result of correct keyword research and optimization. Of course the quality and content of those posts will play a role in being ranked higher but the basis by which successful brands in Nigeria rank higher is by arranging keywords relevant to Heavy machinery attachment dealership correctly.

This concludes our little expose. I hope this Heavy machinery attachment digital marketing guide was useful to you. I know you might be a bit overwhelmed, but if you need help with the heavy lifting, is the place to start.

As a digital marketing agency, we know how to position your heavy machinery attachment dealership in Nigeria correctly to attract your ideal clientele. If you need help setting up your website, ads, or landing pages, we’re in the best position to see that you stand out from your competition.  To get all your digital marketing strategies done correctly and effectively, click here for marketing packages.