Digital Marketing Guide for Home and Office appliances in Nigeria

Homes and Offices. It is not wrong to say that man simply shuttles between home and office. In Nigeria and the world over, people spend more time there than anywhere else and hence appliances that make this stay as efficient and comfortable as possible are always in high demand.

There is always a need for a new kitchen microwave, an office desk, perhaps a Television set, an office printer or even a washing machine.

With various distribution companies vying for this demand, it is very possible without digital marketing for home and office appliances in Nigeria that a brand dealing with production and distribution of home and office appliances could get lost in the crowded sphere that is the home and appliances marketplace in Nigeria.

Common digital marketing for appliances objectives involve;

  • Setting your company apart from competitors,
  • Reaching your target audience smarter, faster and better than competitors,
  • And positioning your brand for increased customer recognition and sales in Nigeria, Africa.

 To achieve this in Nigeria, your brand needs solid Digital Marketing Strategies.

Digital Marketing strategies and the promotion of appliances in Nigeria

Since you are into the business of Home and Office appliances, you’re no doubt interested in how you can promote the sales of your products in Nigeria.

As the world goes more digital than ever before, every business that can go online; has, and so have the people who make the purchases, your target audience.

By identifying the target audience, resources and energy expended in sales promotion can be more appropriately targeted and this ensures better marketing.

This is what digital marketing is all about.

Digital marketing is carried out using services called tools. They include Mobile marketing, Search engine ads and social media campaigns. They are discussed below.

Digital Marketing tools for your home and office appliances business in Nigeria

These tools include but are not limited to:

As we examine these five digital marketing tools or methods for your business, notice how each will identify your target audience and ensure that the ads are appropriate to your audience.

To begin, let us examine the easiest way to reach people who are online at home or in the office: Social media using Social Media sponsored ads!

Social Media sponsored Ads

More time is spent on social media especially in Nigeria where people catch up with family and friends and check out what their favorite celebrities are up to.

 Social media is also a very good prediction of our preferences. Guests on posts or pages about home and office appliances on social media apps like are a firm target of Sponsored Social media ads.

 It takes a very competent digital marketing agency in Nigeria to first identify your targets on social media and then take your sponsored ads to them.

By utilizing the power of social media sponsored ads, consumers who are landed in such a way could be encouraged to leave reviews which will have a convincing snowball effect on friends and family of your client.

Social media fanpage

A social media fanpage is like a big house. If you build it, they (your target audience) will come. But how can you build it in the first place? Digital Marketing agencies such as are adept at providing your brand with the fanpage that commands the curiosity, attention and inevitable followership of your target audience in Nigeria.

A fan page is even more effective in taking ads to consumers because in this case, your posts are no longer interrupting what’s interesting but it is now what is interesting.

By investing in a good Social media fanpage, you can improve your brand perception and set it apart from other businesses offering similar home and office appliances in Nigeria

An even more exciting prospect of fanpages is the awesome opportunity for your brand to engage customers and potential clients. Such interactions go a long way to showcase your superior consumer service and with more consumers engaging with your fanpage, organic traffic is directed towards your business.

Search engine adverts

Away from social media, search engines are the most common way to discover products in Nigeria. Realizing the potential of internet searches, Search engine services provide slots for ads often depending on location. This implies that a search for home and office appliances in Nigeria can be modified to include your company as one of the prominently displayed results from the search query. Isn’t that what good publicity is all about?

Such Adverts are very effective and appropriate as they target those who are actively looking for home and office appliances but don’t just know they’re looking for your company yet.

Interested individuals are introduced to your webpage for the first time and such search engine adverts constantly put your company on course for visits, of which sales are only more likely. One sale leads to more sales as consumers share their testimonies online. As they show off their latest Air conditioners or standing Refrigerators or rotating Office chairs, more people would learn about your brand.

Media release and circulation

Journalists, influencers and news media outlets in Nigeria sometimes release information about the launch of a new product or service offering. Because such News sources are reliable and the format is very formal, factual, and not patronizing, it is taken more seriously than other forms of ads. Your brand could utilize this forum in reaching out to big offices and house owners in Nigeria.

Mobile marketing

Although very similar, the narratives of digital marketing and mobile marketing would decouple at the point of internet activity. Mobile marketing is a component of digital marketing that targets mobile users but also those that may not be on the internet or on social media.

This is very useful in Nigeria where according to information from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC);  “of the 187 million connected lines in Nigeria, only a little around 100 million access the internet.”

Engaging mobile users with Voice Marketing, SMSs, In-app ads, and other methods will land more clients for your company in Nigeria.

Take action

Digital marketing strategies in Nigeria for office appliances

To really distinguish your brand of Home and Office appliances in a fast-growing market like in Nigeria, more is needed to campaign your company to the right audience at the right time.

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