e-commerce marketing services in Africa

With a growing number of consumers shopping online and international eCommerce sites selling in Nigeria’s market which has led to fierce competition in the eCommerce space in Nigeria. These activities in the industry beckon the need for aggressive marketing for any eCommerce site that seriously wants to reach Nigerian consumers and excel in the digital space in Nigeria.  AdHang, a leading eCommerce marketing agency in Nigeria is here to help you do just that: help your eCommerce to generate huge and sustainable online publicity, beat competitors, and generate traffics, sales, and revenues in Nigeria faster and easier.

Anywhere Nigeria’s online shoppers consume information online – local social media, blogs, news sites, etc., AdHang reaches them, therefore the agency will expose your online shop to millions of buyers.

Objectives AdHang’s Ecommerce Marketing Services in Nigeria Will Help You Achieve

Ecommerce Marketing Agency in Nigeria

As the leading eCommerce marketing agency in Nigeria with 15+ years of marketing experience in Africa; AdHang eCommerce marketing expertise will help you achieve the following:

  1. Creating awareness in Nigeria and exposing your eCommerce features and offers to buyers.
  2. Educating Nigeria’s buyers about your eCommerce site, how it works, promos, deals, and kinds of products and services that can be purchased.  
  3. Boasting your online shop to number one ranking in search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing in Nigeria, and generating huge online visibility all over the internet.
  4. Promoting your eCommerce value propositions, fostering the brand positioning, and increasing the brand equity across 36 stated in Nigeria and beyond.  
  5. Establish your eCommerce site and brand name as the authority in the eCommerce industry in Nigeria, increasing leads, sales and revenue around the clock.

Digital Marketing Channels that are used for AdHang’s Ecommerce Marketing in Nigeria

Best eCommerce SEO Agency in Nigeria

AdHang’s marketing channels and strategies for eCommerce marketing in Nigeria are many and varied, depending on factors such as your eCommerce marketing goals in Nigeria, advertising budget, campaign duration, the niche, etc.  The Adhang’s general digital marketing channels and strategies include:

Marketing Components

  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Internet display advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Influencers marketing
  • Mobile marketing

Types of Sites

Online Marketing Tools

  • Article
  • Press release
  • Application
  • Video
  • Blog
  • Whitepaper
  • Internet presentation
  • Report
  • Case study
  • Image/photo
  • E-book
  • Banner
  • QR (quick response codes for mobile marketing)
  • Info graph
  • Email
  • System/device (feature phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc)
  • Podcast
  • Text message
  • News letter


Ecommerce Marketing Packages in Nigeria

While AdHang can customize your eCommerce marketing campaign based on objectives, marketing budget, etc. The agency has bundles of digital marketing packages to select from and get your eCommerce marketing up and running in the next 4 days. For the packages click here.

Why Hire AdHang for eCommerce Marketing Campaigns in Nigeria

  1. AdHang is an objective-orientated eCommerce marketing agency in Nigeria. Meaning AdHang creates campaigns to achieve aims that are important to your eCommerce brand in Nigeria like traffics, leads, sales, etc.
  2. AdHang is an end-to-end eCommerce marketing agency in Nigeria. Meaning AdHang does not limit your marketing campaigns and channels to popular or commons, but has expertise to employ all channels, tactics, and strategies that lead to high ROI.
  3. AdHang has over 15 years of experience in eCommerce promotion in Africa. Meaning AdHang is well positioned and has all the needed marketing experts to give your brand competitive edge and make it stands out among competitors in Nigeria and across Africa.
  4. AdHang runs compliant marketing best practices in Nigeria. Meaning AdHang will run your eCommerce marketing in Nigeria in such a manner that maintains all the applicable rules and regulatory conditions both online and offline, thus promoting your eCommerce brand as a trusted and responsible company to work with in Nigeria.
  5. AdHang offers eCommerce marketing supports and consultation. Meaning AdHang’s eCommerce marketers will always stand-by to answer any question you have about your on-going marketing campaigns in Nigeria.