Edge Breaker Global Business Investment Limited is a Construction and Real Estate Company that has been in the Nigerian Construction and Property Industry for over five years. Identifying construction and building opportunities is their primary focus. They conduct feasibility analysis, project design, and project management.


The construction and real estate industry is a highly competitive one and thriving in such an industry will require hard work, dedication, and excellent marketing.

The company is facing challenges faced by most businesses in the high price tag business venture, coupled with poor marketing strategies. While they’ve been around for over five years, they’ve yet to reach the heights they envisioned.

They struggle to generate leads for their Edge Castle Estate at Ibeju Lekki, and the few leads they get do not convert to sales. This was due to many factors, one of which was a poor landing page; while a landing page is a useful marketing tool, it should be able to inform and convert visitors. Edge Breaker’s landing page wasn’t converting.

Other factors include; high price tag properties are not what can be purchased on impulse, they are meant for individuals/entities with the purchasing power, and prospects who understand the technical nature of the business. Edge Breaker needs to portray its offer in a manner that would be easy for potential clients to understand. In addition, it had no content online that would foster buyers’ confidence for those who would prefer doing an online search first before the deal.

In the search for solutions and business growth, the company came across AdHang, an agency with a proven track record for online marketing success.


They took the ultimate step of contacting our support.

“When we came across AdHang, we knew we were in the right direction,” says Ayorinde Michael Sunday, the company manager.

AdHang started by diagnosing the landing page and giving necessary recommendations, some of which were proper structuring of the landing page, and including a clear and engaging call to action.

Also, we ran display ads, which included, creating online adverts, Internet banner designs and carrying out contextual, local websites (, Google, and premium classified ads placement ( and Instagram.

To leave no stone unturned, we implemented a social media marketing strategy using the top social media platforms and published a press release on


After only eight days of implementing our online marketing strategies, Edge Breaker Global Business Investment Limited could boast of a better landing page and awareness in several states in Nigeria, ( Lagos, Ogun, FCT. Abuja, Port Harcourt) and the UK.

Some other results include;

  • The PR and classified ads are permanently placed on the news site and online marketplace
  • Top search engine ranking for the real estate in Google
  • Better ranking of the company’s website in search engines
  • Impressions/hits/views recorded : 348, 133
  • Estimated 250, 000 prospects reached
  • Estimated 347 people responded these include enquiries, likes, shares, contact saved, sales, etc.

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