How Nigeria Company can Advertise Online Using Internet Ads Agency like


We are Internet advertising Agency specializes in online advert and internet commercial message, we base in Lagos. helps you reach millions of Nigeria’s members of the public that fit into Company’s services objective in Nigeria/Africa.


This is a tool for effective and rapid change in the habits and attitudes of Nigeria consumers, encouraging or elimination of middlemen, acceptance of new products by Nigerians/Africans, increase the sales volume of product or service and sales of entire line of product in Nigeria/Africa


Our agency will simultaneously use multiple platforms and Websites to reach millions of Nigerians/Africans about your products and services online.


Our Agency is made up of professionals and uses ethical means only and employs all platforms and networks below at once and at a go under one contract:


  • search engine (and millions of its partner’s websites)
  • Facebook Sponsor Advert
  • Linkedin Sponsor Advert
  • Banner Advert
  • Search engine (and its thousands of partner’s websites)
  • Banner Advert
  • Search engine (Microsoft adcenter) and its Networks websites and partners
  • Vanguard Newspaper Online banner Advert
  • Tribune news paper Online banner Advert
  • Presentation creation and publication on world popular presentation websites such as slideshare, slideboom, authorstream and
  • Educative article written and distribute to hundreds of online article directories
  • Educative article post to tens of Nigeria online forums
  • Press release written and distribute to online press release publications media around globe
  • Create short online commercial video using a Spokes Man/Lady and distribute to tens of online video sharing websites such as,,,,,, etc.



We will create online banners in different sizes, with relevant Company’s   products/services adverts, educational messages, promo, programs, initiatives, benefits and variety of messages displaying to tens of millions of Nigerians simultaneously on daily basis online.


This is different from having a website, facebook page, googleplus or twitter account/handle which come to use when people remember to visit it, tell to or search for it, our online agency combination of major online media and mega website platforms are carefully selected to reach millions of Nigerians once they log on internet no matter whose page or handle they are at any moment.


This is a proactive way to reach tens of millions of Nigeria’s masses. Once Nigerians log on online they see your products/services as it will be displaying in tens of thousands of places online simultaneously.


No better existing way in the country to reach millions of Nigerians on internet than through (our agency). The longer you wait, the faster your competitors will claim space and run with it.



Our agency will be committed to work with your company to achieve its market goals via internet and win attention away from its rivals.

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