adhang41Integrated marketing communication is a situation when more than one promotional element in promotional mix are used in a given campaign to achieve a goal, such as advertising, personal selling, direct marketing, public relation, etc. Using the same concept on internet space. Integrated digital marketing communication tools come in when more than one digital marketing element such as content marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, online display adverting, and influencers marketing are used with focus on the same goal. E.g.  increasing sales, creating awareness, etc. is one of pioneers of integrated digital marketing communication; you can see this in the AdHang’s plans which has been the AdHang’s  practice since the digital marketing agency was launched.  Although AdHang offers customization of any size to achieve a client’s unique digital marketing objective at any level when requested.

If your company, or organization needs an aggressive, and far reaching online digital marketing that gets results faster and easier than ever in Nigeria, or entire African continent, then hire AdHang.  AdHang team will evaluate your digital marketing objectives; strategize, and create an integrated online digital marketing communication using various channels and tools (whether to enlighten, remind, persuade, or engage Nigerian populace, or potential buyers all over the country).

Depending on what your objective is at any stage,  AdHang’s integrated online digital marketing communication tools will assist your entity to effectively achieve the following:

  • Generate awareness of a new product.
  • Educate a target audience.
  • Establish the company as an authority.
  • Stimulate demand, or increase sales in Nigeria.
  • Attract business away from the competitors in the industry.
  • Remind – to maintain interest, and enthusiasm for a product or service.
  • Build or repair public opinion about your products/services, brand, etc.
  • And much more.

Think about the next steps you would like the online audience to take, whether this is visiting a website, calling a phone number, or being able to recall your brand when they’re next in the shops, etc.  And include them in your creative brief you will send to;  then AdHang team will review, and evaluate your digital marketing needs. Next, AdHang team will  strategize on the marketing, design advertising formats, write ads headlines, choose sites, and deploy the adverts.  And will work around the clock online for your entity to accomplish its online digital marketing communication objectives using the integrated online digital communication tools.


The leading integrated online digital marketing communication company AdHang is based in Lagos Nigeria, west Africa. Click here to see services by AdHang.