Marine Digital Marketing Agency in Africa

In this digital age, many boating and yacht companies in Africa are beginning to leverage internet marketing for their maritime services and products. The question is, does your company have a strong online presence to reach marine product seekers in Nigeria, Africa, and when marine prospects search online for marine companies, and services can your company be found? It is high time your marine company comes onboard by hiring the No.1 marine digital marketing agency in Nigeria, Africa to help your marine brand to create online adverts, select the best digital channels and manage your maritime services/products digital marketing agency in Nigeria, Africa. Then get the leads, clients, and sales.

AdHang’s Digital Marketing for Marine Company Markets All Marine Products and Services

As the top marine digital marketing agency in Africa, AdHang’s digital marketing expertise will help create awareness for your marine company products/services, these include but not limited to the following:

  • Construction, maintenance, or repair of watercraft
  • Transportation or ferrying of goods or passenger
  • Maintenance and repair of wireless communication systems
  • Boat
  • Vessel Management
Maritime Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria
 Also, AdHang’s digital marketing for marine brands in Africa will help your marine brand to reach different audiences, these include but not limited to boat builders, distributors, product buyers, marina professionals, dealers, manufacturing reps, or marine product and service buyers in Nigeria, Africa.

Objectives AdHang’s Marine Digital Marketing In Nigeria, Africa Will Help Your Company Achieve

As the 1st marine product and service digital marketing agency in Nigeria, Africa, objectives AdHang will help your marine business achieve faster include but not limited to the following:

  1. Create marine product awareness to the right decision-makers.
  2. Generate online visibility and tractions of your maritime services and products.
  3. Beat competitors in the marine industry in Nigeria, Africa.
  4. Educate prospects about your marine business in Nigeria, Africa.
  5. Increase maritime products’ buying intent organic traffic.
  6. Get the leads and sales to justify your marketing investment.

Marine Digital Marketing Strategies Employed by AdHang

marine marketing services in Nigeria

Our digital marketing strategies for maritime products and services depend strictly on your maritime niche (boat selling, maintenance, repair, ferrying, etc), the target audience, digital marketing budget, the timeframe of the marketing, competitors, and so on. Generally, AdHang will perform digital marketing situation analysis (SWOT analysis inclusive) to know where your marine company stands and the direction it should go.  Then we use the best marine demographics and database for the digital marketing setup, and employed a combination of advanced methods of the following:

  • SEO – AdHang believes you would like to come top on searches for keywords related to your maritime products and services in Nigeria, Africa. AdHang employs Barnacle SEO and Onpage optimization that ranks your company to top ten and number one  in search engines such as Google Nigeria, Bing Africa, and Yahoo
  • Social Media Marketing   – AdHang uses marine strategic social media promotion to target the marine audience by demographics and psychographics that get leads, sales, etc.
  • Content Marketing – AdHang produces press releases, ,infographics, and articles for different levels of prospect journeys and publishes on relevant places on the web (news sites, blogs, social media, etc)
  • Internet Banner Advertising  –  here AdHang uses images and graphics in different sizes in form of online banners and rotate them across selected news sites, blogs and an online forum to create awareness for your maritime services and products in Nigeria, Africa

Marine Digital Marketing Packages in Nigeria, Africa

At AdHang, we bundle our digital marketing packages to get you quicker and the best results as indicated above, for the marketing packages click here.