Healthcare Advertising in AfricaMedical digital marketing in Africa is made easier by AdHang through the agency’s strategic medical marketing using over ten years experience in digital marketing in Africa. Over the years,  AdHang has been supporting global brands to harness digital marketing channels in the continent to reach patients for hospitals and doctors, customers for medical products manufacturers, and distributors for drugs importers.


Africa is a continent of opportunities for hospitals, doctors, and pharmaceutical products’ manufacturers. Africa’s medical market can expect only growth as the healthcare systems in the countries in Africa are still in the infant stage, or in most cases not available, or the needed man powers lacking. These made many Africans to rely on foreign medical experts to help them in the country both for products and services, while some go abroad for healthcare solutions in form of medical tourism, in the country such as UK, India, Dubai, France, China, United States, etc.


Now the question is, how can you reach Africa’s healthcare market, or how can you market your medical services and products in Africa? How can you create awareness, stimulate sales, get patients, or educate Africans using medical digital marketing in Africa?  These are the medical marketing solutions AdHang provides to companies and healthcare centers across the globe. While Africa consist of 54 countries, AdHang’s digital marketing target English speaking countries in Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Sierra Leone, and Liberia and all the people that speak English across the African continent.


Healthcare Digital Marketing in Africa by AdHang includes everything you need to effectively reach Africa: search engine marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, internet display, mobile marketing, and influencers marketing. AdHang’s  marketing approach is of three categories. Depending on the category your entity falls under, AdHang has digital marketing in Africa in the following three categories: hospitals, medical doctors, products manufacturers and sellers.


Medical Digital Marketing in AfricaClicking on any of the above links will take you to the respective page where you can get full details. All digital marketing in Africa by AdHang is done using African countries’ healthcare marketing best practice and standards. AdHang team balances imaginations with principles that govern every healthcare sector in all the digital marketing approach: from creative works, advertising creation to deployment and management of the digital marketing across Africa.



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