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No. 1 online movie Promotion Company in Africa AdHang can help you advertise your movies all over Nigeria and Africa to sell more movies faster and easier using social media marketing, internet banners display, influencers marketing, content marketing and search engine marketing.  AdHang is a Lagos Nigerian based online promotion agency; for over 10 years AdHang has been helping entities across the globe to reach millions of Nigerians and Africans through well planned and strategic digital marketing services in Africa.

Problem of most movie producers is inability to harness online movie promotion

  Many movies in Nigeria and across Africa failed to achieve their sales’ goals due to lack of adequate promotion, and not recognizing impact online movie promotion in Africa can have in their movie popularity and sales.  Some movie producers know the need for movie promotion in Africa, but thought about only traditional movie advertising like TV, Newspaper, Billboard and Radio. Problems with the traditional promotion’s methods are that they are expensive compare to online promotion, and have coverage limitation, unlike online that can reach all movie lovers nationwide, across Africa and worldwide at the same time. Therefore, do not be left behind, promote your movies online today.

The Solution is AdHang’s online movie promotion in Africa

Are you a film maker, or home movie producer who wants to aggressively promote your movie to millions of Africans?  Hire AdHang to help you create online promotion and let the world know about your movies and sell the movies quicker and easier than you ever thought possible in the continent or in a particular country like Nigeria. When the promotion starts, your movie title and pictures will appear in google, yahoo, facebook,, youtube, instagram, news websites, blogs, online forums, etc; in addition, the film online news release, internet banners, movie reviews across the internet, and the adverts will be display all over the internet; all these and more will be done for you by AdHang. These days, there is no successful firm distribution and sales without adequate online firm promotion.

Some objectives AdHang’s online movie promotion in Africa can help you achieve

  1. Awareness about your movie across 36 states in Nigeria, around Africa and world at large
  2. Educate millions of movie lovers about the movie
  3. Get more intermediaries such as distributors, wholesalers, retails
  4. Sell movies to millions of buyers
  5.  Advertise your website and  fanpage along if you have one
  6. Letting the world know how to get the movie
  7. Search engine ranking of your website, movie name and producers
  8. Permanent promotional piece about the movie online on multiple sources
  9. Make the movie to go viral online

Movie online promotion services by AdHang will give you a competitive edge over other movie producers in Africa ( Sollywood, Nollywood, etc) and will help you spread your tentacles, accelerate brand awareness across Africa and make sales.

How to get started with your movie online promotion in Africa

AdHang has many online movie production packages in Africa to help you promote your movie. Click here to see plans and make your choice to get the movie promotion started.

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