Nigerian Internet Public Enlightenment Agency

Is your entity a Nigeria’s organization, ministry, or institution with the need to run public enlightenment via the internet in Nigeria, and to effectively educate a target populace using new media? AdHang the leading internet public enlightenment agency based in Nigeria is here to help your entity inform, remind, persuade, and educate the target audience via the internet in Nigeria.

AdHang has experts and world-class internet public enlightenment professionals that will dedicate to your success on the following:

  1. Create awareness on any issue in Nigeria.
  2. Educate the Nigerian masses.
  3. Foster the right and truthful message your entity wants the populace to believe.
  4. Move Nigerian masses away from any danger, or ignorant.
  5. Build or repair public opinion in a state, or across Nigeria on any issue.

Apart from the above, what else would the entity require the audience to do? Whether this is visiting a website, ringing a number, reporting an issue, or being able to take certain actions, etc. Then AdHang will plan,  strategize, and design effective creative works and campaign formats (videos, internet banners, infographics, headlines, etc) and reach the target audience.  AdHang team has the most advanced, and comprehensive online campaign techniques that will make the audience understand and take the needed actions quicker and easier.

There are numerous objectives AdHang can help your entity accomplish – internet public enlightenment objectives can be directly linked, and tend to fit into the following four generic categories:

  • Inform – raising awareness of the entity’s concern, or an awakening of the public interest
  • Persuade – generating an instant response from the target audience
  • Remind – to maintain interest, and enthusiasm for the issues
  • Reinforce – fostering the benefits, values, and consequences

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Public Education consultant in Nigeria
AdHang is the solution to all your entity's public enlightenment needs. Being a world-class internet public enlightenment agency, manned by some of the biggest internet public enlightenment, optimization and targeting experts in the web public relation industry, equipped with the very best and most advanced, comprehensive process and latest robust set of technologies, and tools to educate and awake interest of Nigerians on daily basis on the internet.
Nigerian public awareness

AdHang has managed to pull in the most internet public enlightenment innovative minds from across the industry! Watch the new media professionals reach the most relevant audiences that matter to your entity on a daily basis.

To ensure that the campaigns will be remembered by the millions of Nigerians: AdHang will employ internet various strategic public enlightenment tools, online digital interactive media, and digital formats to engage, demonstrate, communicate and foster understanding.  To leave no stone unturned, AdHang will integrate and make the public enlightenment campaigns displaying in various online-enabled digital gadgets, and devices used by the millions of Nigerians, such as smartphones, feature phones, desktops, laptops, and tablets, etc. To hire AdHang click here to choose a plan.