Social media management agency Online social media campaign management by AdHang is a service offered by the agency to assist companies, organizations, public figures, and agencies to plan, design, run, and manage social media campaigns in Nigeria.

This social media management service is offered for basically three reasons

  1. To help you launch a social media campaign that is well planned, effective, and balanced with great results. Online social media is beyond what most people think it is. For example, so many companies out there think of social media in terms of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, unfortunately, these sites belong to one category of social media called social networking. There’re over 7 categories of online social media out there.
  1. To help companies, agencies, and institutions run effective and global best practices of social media campaign management that builds a good image; protects the brand, promotes, and enhances reputation.
  1. Assist organizations to have a result-oriented and effective online social media campaigns managed by professionals.
In case this is your first contact with AdHang, as you might be visiting this page from the search engine. AdHang is a world-class digital marketing platform based in Nigeria and the first internet public enlightenment agency in west Africa; manned by some of the online biggest marketing monetization, social media optimization and targeting experts in the industry, armed with the very best, most advanced, comprehensive and newest state-of-the-art technologies and tools.

How can the agency assist you in running and managing your online social media campaigns? For a complete social media marketing campaign management, there’re many social media works AdHang can help you do, such as creating and designing fan page (in case you don’t have or need a new one), writing posts such as articles, news, tutorials, etc; writing headlines; creating and managing sponsored ads, creating banners, designing infographics, producing and publishing educative videos, etc.

Adhang-online-marketing-agency-ladyAll you need to get started is to know what your company, organization or agency wants to achieve with your social media campaign management in Nigeria, then any other thing will follow.

Your aims can be to inform the target audience about your products, services or idea through awareness creation and education; or to persuade Nigerians or customers to take actions whether to stimulate a sale, increase demand, change of behavior or establish your agency or company as an authority in a given field or issue. Also, you can remind Nigeria’s populace, potential buyers, or targeted group of people about any issue; reinforce a particular idea or message, etc. Your company or agency needs to be clear what it wants to achieve for the social media campaign. Then your budget (the amount you can afford or willing to spend) for the campaign management, whether for a one-off campaign, weekly or monthly campaigns.

When you have these at hand, the next is to download AdHang’s campaigns brief template, fill it (which will contain everything your company/organization needs to let AdHang know, such as contact persons, target audience, goals, organization background, target region, etc) and submit. That is all needed on your part. AdHang will review the brief; contact you for further things if need be during preparation; then your online social media campaigns will be planned with points-of-difference and parity strategy, and develop from bottom-up employing global code of conduct and principles; maintaining international online social media management best practice and standards.

Finally, the AdHang team will manage and run your online social media campaigns around the clock. Click here for social media management cost.