Partnering with digital marketing agency in Nigeria AdHang is the best option to deliver excellent digital marketing results in Nigeria and across Africa, because AdHang is a specialist in internet digital marketing in the region.  You can partner with the agency to serve as your digital marketing agency or internet marketing department; while you focus on other areas you have competitive edge at.  To competitively run efficient and effective digital campaign in Nigeria require the service of professionals with years of experience; AdHang has professionals which have spent over ten years in the industry achieving digital marketing’s milestones across Nigeria in different sectors, employing divergent strategic fronts.


You can partner with AdHang as a foreign or local traditional advertising agency looking for digital marketing experts in Nigeria, to help your clients reach Nigeria’s consumers, buyers and potential subscribers via digital space faster and easier. Whether your clients’ objective is to inform, persuade, remind or reinforce; the agency has the digital marketing expertise, robust set of technologies and tools to achieve any of your clients’ objectives in Nigeria.


AdHang can work with any agency such as billboard advertising agency, television advertising agency, print media advertising agency and below the line advertising agency.  AdHang will serve as an extension of your marketing department with focus on internet medium.  Therefore, AdHang will work with you, for your clients and will always maintain best strategic digital marketing approach anytime, any day; and will design, plan and ensure that every internet digital marketing campaign is consistent with traditional campaigns on other media (in a situation your client is using integrated marketing communication methods)


It’s important to note, AdHang doesn’t have any traditional agency out there, therefore is not your competitor and will never be your rival; in short AdHang will send to your way any client requesting for any other form of media advertising such as TV, Radio, Newspaper, Billboard etc. if you deal on any of them. AdHang is strictly internet digital marketing agency and will always be. When you partner with AdHang, you save your agency or company the stress of figuring out best digital marketing components, technologies and tools; avoid poor digital marketing campaign compare to that of your clients’ competitors, and have time to focus on other areas your company has superior expertise.


Most importantly, all AdHang’s digital marketing campaigns follow global code of conduct & international digital marketing best practice and principles that set high ethical standard. In addition, though a Nigerian digital marketing agency, AdHang has digital marketing professionals from different parts of the world working for the agency, this ensures that you get world-class digital marketing services and competitive campaign for your clients irrespective of who their rivals are. AdHang has committed digital marketing experts to dedicate to your clients’ digital marketing success in Nigeria via web-sphere; spread their business tentacles in the marketplace and accelerate their brands recognition around Nigeria.

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