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AdHang is here to help you promote in Nigeria and publicize online your programs such as talent hunt, reality show, recruitment program and so on; to get millions of Nigerians to participate in your program be it youth, teenagers or middle age adults.

Online program publicity agency in Nigeria AdHang has amazing digital marketers in Nigeria that will help you promote your program online like crazy. AdHang has great online publicity experts that will help you increase your registrations almost like magic! And they will do it extremely fast!

Actually, you don’t have to concern yourself about that promotion of the program to attract participants and registration from Nigeria. Because AdHang’s online promoters are here to help you with that.  Experience interacting with prospects that need program online advertising has shown that what they think about online advertising is different from what actually happens because it takes online marketing experts to achieve results.  

Believe it or not, this will be much worse if you hire wrong program digital marketers. Because this will cost you lots of money, hamper public trust and waste your time without getting registrations. You’ll be wasting your money for nothing.

For this reason, you have to do something about the situation before it’s late. You have to hire the right program digital marketers in Nigeria to help you reach millions of Nigerians faster and easier and create sense of occasion around the region, state, country or continent of Africa to get registrations and participants.

Now you might be wondering where would you find these marketers, where is AdHang located, what is the level of expertise of the agency in program online publicity? As a matter of fact, these program digital marketers are not so far from where you are! They are with you here in Nigeria!

TV reality show publicity company in Nigeria

The agency AdHang has over ten year experience in online publicity in Nigeria, and the first internet public enlightenment agency in Africa; the agency has helped to bring participants to numerous programs across Nigeria and increase registrations.

What are the program digital marketing methods AdHang employ?

To engage youths and any target audience in Nigeria AdHang uses limitless online marketing strategies, tools, and channels some of which are listed below:

  • Internet banners
  • Blogs
  • Social networking sites
  • News websites
  • Search engines
  • Mobile marketing
  • Press release
  • Online reviews
  • Nigerian online forums
  • Fanpages
  • Advertising videos
  • Social media groups and so on.

For example, AdHang used social media advert to promote youths’ talent hunt program for, below is the video advert produced for the organizer, and used for their social media promotion in Nigeria.

Here are some of the remarkable program online publicity results the agency will also give you.

  • Viral awareness of your program
  • Educate 100+ millions of Nigerians about the program
  • Make your program dominate conversations in the region
  • Make your program topping the search engine ranking
  • Get participants’ registrations
  • Accelerate the sales of forms

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Hire the No. 1 program online publicity agency in Nigeria to bring you results extremely fast! And best of all, the agency doesn’t charge a lot of money. Get online promotion plans and costs here.

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Whether the program is Educational or for Entertainment, AdHang has you covered

Is your entity one of talent management companies in Nigeria or artist management companies, or are you talent management agent?

Now, if you are ready to promote your programs all over Nigeria… and… take it to the next level, simply hire the agency AdHang to create the advert, promote the program and get you sales, registrations and participants faster and easier than you ever thought possible.