Recruitment digital advertising agency in Nigeria AdHang will help you reach thousands of targeted applicants for your institution or organization vacancies.  AdHang will plan, design and carry out awareness advertising to let Nigerian qualified persons know about your recruitment.  Whether for Nigerian military, police force, immigration or corporate bodies; AdHang an online digital advertising agency will embark on informative advertising that will educate the masses about the recruitment and its processes.  Whether is for government, public or private organization, hiring AdHang is a great idea for massive recruitments or to attract thousands of applicants for screening.


Note: AdHang doesn’t get in contact with applicants and will not recruit on your organization behave, it only advertises; is an agency specializes on digital advertising in Nigeria, therefore will generate the publicity, create awareness, educate target Nigerian applicants what the recruitment is all about, how to apply, where to apply, when to apply and department to contact, applicants requirements and closing date. AdHang as an agency uses millions of internet digital advertising sources simultaneously to create awareness.


As the No.1 recruitment digital advertising agency in Nigeria, AdHang is manned by some of biggest internet users’ engagement strategists in the industry, equipped with most advanced digital communications processes, comprehensive advertising system, robust modern set of technologies and tools to inform, persuade, remind and reinforce.   Your organization recruitment digital advertising in Nigeria will be professionally run in such a way that is accurate, complete, and clear and design to promote credibility and trust by the target applicants and Nigerian general public.


When recruitment digital advertising agency in Nigeria AdHang is hired, the agency will carry out situation analysis to understand your target audience, who they are, what may distort or hamper their comprehension of the message, preferable channels, etc. Adhang will then design and create all the needed internet digital communication tools such as articles to post on Nigerian online forums, internet banners to put in thousands of Nigerian sites, headlines and contextual advert to be displaying in social media, search engines, blogs, online communities, mobile applications and millions of platforms and sources online simultaneously.


When the awareness campaign starts, your organization recruitment advertisement will be constantly appearing above, below, alongside and even in the middle of millions of internet page contents, and will be found across every imaginable style and type of platforms, online channels and millions of sources online where Nigerian applicants visit. As a result, targeted Nigerian applicants will be reached through computers and divergent devices, whether they’re logged in to a public computer; at home on phablet or their smart phones, feature phones while working in the streets or laptops in coffee shops, etc.


Four Common Differences Between Hiring AdHang and Jobs Recruitment Sites

  • Jobs recruitment sites randomly accept posting from different posting persons and might never know you exist, intent; or will even delete it. AdHang is an agency which will treat you as a client and ensure your objective is achieved faster.
  • Jobs recruitment sites make a provision where you post your recruitment detail and will not advertise your recruitment process beyond one site. AdHang saves you stress and headache, and will plan, design and carry out the digital advertising using thousands of platforms.
  • Jobs recruitment sites in Nigeria do not involve in planning, designing advertising banners, etc. AdHang will not only plan and design all the advertising formats, it ensures that best platforms are used.
  • Job recruitment sites are seeing as free jobs platforms where anything goes, including spamming and scamming; therefore relying on jobs sites alone can kill trust and may hamper right applicants applying. Hiring AdHang means investing in a quality recruitment digital advertising service, thus inviting serious and qualified applicants.
  • A Job recruitment site means your recruitment information will be on one website. AdHang uses millions of websites, platforms and channels simultaneously such as assorted search engines, thousands of blogs, many social network sites, emailing to thousands of recipients, tens of online forums, newsletters, multiple jobs sites, presentation sites, and wikis.


More Four Reasons to Hire AdHang Today

  • AdHang is the first internet public enlightenment agency in Africa, therefore understands in and out of engaging Nigerian applicants via digital method.
  • All AdHang recruitment advertising follows global code of conduct & principle that set high ethical standard.
  • AdHang uses the widest e-media access to advertise and engage billions of internet users around the world.
  • AdHang does not talk about internet advertising payment metrics such as PPC, PPL, PPM, PPA, etc. AdHang focuses on objectives of recruitment advertising which can be to inform, persuade, remind, or reinforce, etc.


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