SaaS Digital Marketing Agency in Africa

AdHang is a leading SaaS end-to-end digital marketing agency in Africa with over 15 years of experience in creating and launching digital marketing campaigns in Africa.  Are you a SaaS vendor, SaaS operator, or SaaS developer interested in Africa’s continent? AdHang is the right SaaS digital marketing agency in Africa to help your company create awareness, educate the target audience, get subscribers and increase revenues in Africa.

AdHang’s end-to-end digital marketing for SaaS means all-encompassing digital campaigns – from digital PR, internet banners, email marketing, SEO to components of online marketing such as social media marketing, content marketing, influencers marketing, etc.

SaaS marketing services in Africa

Objectives AdHang’s Digital Marketing for SaaS in Africa will help your company achieve

Some of the objectives AdHang’s SaaS digital marketing in Africa will help your company achieve include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Your strategic SaaS branding roadmap – this will involve planning, value proposition and brand positioning for your SaaS to excel in Africa (Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, etc).
  2. To inform – this brings about your SaaS awareness, educating millions of the populace, and establishing your brand in the Africa’s marketplace.
  3. To persuade- this includes attracting leads, subscribers, etc.
  4. To remind – this includes encouraging repeat usage of your SaaS brand.
  5. To reinforce – this involves making the SaaS prospects, customers and subscribers to take action, letting them know things they are missing about the SaaS, benefits and, demonstrating why they should take action now, etc.
  6. Search engine top ranking – AdHang will rank your SaaS and its features to the top of SERPS of search engines in Africa such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google.

Whether your SaaS features and solutions the same as competing brands in Africa or unique, AdHang has the best digital marketing strategies for the SaaS in Africa.

Digital Marketing Strategies for SaaS in Africa

SEO for SaaS in South Africa

As the leading end-to-end SaaS digital marketing agency in Africa, SaaS marketing strategies from AdHang differ from one SaaS to another. This is because AdHang’s SaaS marketing experts look at different factors before formulating any campaign strategy.   Some of these factors include:

  1. Objectives of the marketing ( awareness, educate the marketing, repair public opinion, get subscribers, downloads, etc)
  2. The target audience for the SaaS ( is the SaaS meant for masses or institutions like schools, churches, government, etc)
  3. Budget of the marketing.
  4. SaaS real and latent competitors in Africa.
  5. Timeframe or duration of the marketing campaigns in Africa.
  6. Innovative or same feature SaaS like any other SaaS product in Africa.
  7. The name of the company or brand behind your SaaS solution.

Some general and common SaaS digital marketing strategies

  • SEO for SaaS in Africa – AdHang helps your SaaS brand name and website rank number one on search engines in Africa
  • Content Marketing  for SaaS in Africa –  AdHang educates subscribers and prospects through articles, infographics, whitepapers, videos, etc
  • Sponsored Search Ads for SaaS in Africa – AdHang generates signups, and reinforces value proposition and brand positioning through contextual ads and search display in Africa
  • Internet Banner Advertising for SaaS in Africa – AdHang creates awareness, and fosters brand equity through images and headlines across local sites in Africa
  • Social Media Marketing for SaaS in Africa – AdHang creates engagement, and brand interaction using social community sites such as online forums, news aggregators, social networking sites, wikis, etc
  • Influencers Marketing for SaaS in Africa –  AdHang gets nano and micro opinion leaders to speak, sell and recommend your SaaS in Africa using their respective digital channels such as blog, news site, social media, etc

SaaS Digital Marketing Packages in Africa

As the leading SaaS digital marketing agency in Africa with flexible internet marketing prices, while AdHang can customize digital marketing prices based on your marketing budget and needs, the agency has bundles of digital marketing packages, click here for all the packages.