1. International professionals in majority

AdHang’s project planning processes, campaign management and internet digital tools creation are done by 60% international professionals.  Most international professionals are from countries such as UK, USA, Canada, India, sri Lanka and France; while 40% are Nigerians.  Is not deliberate, AdHang is 100% clients focused, in order to give clients the best, AdHang employed best professionals across the globe. This not only brings competitive and satisfactory service delivery for clients, it ensures that AdHang digital campaign delivery follows global best practice and standards.


  1. Not platform focused, but clients orientated

Neither facebook, google, cokoye, news portals nor yahoo is primary focus; AdHang does not look at platforms first when a project is given to the team. AdHang looks at client, product’s life-cycle, its target audience, marketplace, and customers. Study objectives client wants to achieve, best formats to employ; then look for platforms that will enable the agency to achieve the objectives and goals. This means before any platform is selected it must demonstrate and validate its ability to achieve the client’s objectives, irrespective of platform’s popularity and influence.


  1. Viral System focused

AdHang understands there are always competitors, opponents; imperative of reaching large number of audience and buyers. Therefore, by default AdHang designs its campaigns to go viral and win attention away from rivals.  Whether you are running a business with need to increase sales, institution with a need to educate the masses, campaigning for an election with need to reach millions of voters, an event organizer with a need to create awareness or an organization with a need to influence the masses, build or repair public opinion. AdHang will aggressively make your message, promise; advertising and publicity go viral and you will be all over the place.


  1. Most advanced and comprehensive process

AdHang has expertise in 6 components of digital marketing. These are, online social media marketing, internet display, influencers marketing, search engine marketing, mobile marketing and content marketing. Manned by some of biggest monetization and digital strategists in the industry, equipped with robust set of tools and technologies to persuade, inform, remind and reinforce. Every project submitted to AdHang undergoes series of planning, strategizing routine, tactical and systemizing process. These lead to divergent teams working on a project, teams such as situation analysis, copy-writing, creative and many more.


  1. Not built on payment metrics

AdHang does not talk or build it campaign on payment metrics such as PPC, PPM, PPD, PPA, etc. There are assorted internet marketing payment metrics, most of which the authority companies behind them influenced marketers. Meaning they are thought in the project before an important things are talked about. This is not only amateur, is wrong because someone else is first included on a project, thus protecting the persons interest before the client. AdHang is not built around payment metrics, but looking at most important and critical things, which are marketing objectives, product life-cycle, target audience, goals, competitors, etc.


  1. Segmented

AdHang is highly segmented in its campaigns’ tactics and strategic approach. Clients and industries are treated as unique entities in digital campaign planning and implementation.  AdHang generally segments its approach in the following ways:

  • Business segmentation, mainly to increase sales, create brand awareness, etc.
  • Event promotion segmentation, mainly to publicize carnival, concert, crusade, rally, among others.
  • Institution segmentation, such as for school, church and government public enlightenment, announcement, etc.
  • Public figure segmentation, such as activist, public office holder and politician, mainly to influence the masses, persuade the public, attract supporters and fans.


These are six hiding facts about AdHang.