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Do you have a video to promote to Nigerians? Hire AdHang’s video marketing experts to help you reach your target audience in Nigeria or across Africa. With over ten years of experience in the field of online promotion in Nigeria and across Africa. AdHang can promote your video to reach the target audience and watch by millions of Nigerians across the nation via the internet.

AdHang uses professional video marketing strategists that employ only global best practices, and standards to promote videos around the web.

Video Promotion in Nigeria Using Different Video Marketing Strategies

AdHang has over 90 most popular web video publishing sites to promote and publish your video such as youtube, Vimeo,, Dailymotion, etc. Video promotion methods used by AdHang are the instream method, on-display method, sharing method, and publishing method (depends on your budget and level of awareness needed).

AdHang can Promote any type of Video

Videos Marketing Services in Nigeria

AdHang can help you promote different types of videos on the internet to millions of Nigerians, Africans, audiences anywhere, or across the continent. Types of video AdHang has expertise in promoting includes but not limited to the following:

  • Commercial video
  • Spokesperson video
  • A sales video
  • Testimonial video
  • Documentary video
  • Public enlightenment video
  • Case study video
  • Educational video
  • Explainer video
  • Demo/illustration video
  • Endorsement video
  • Political campaign video
  • Press release video

10 Reasons to Choose AdHang Video Promotion Solution in Nigeria

1. Video promotion in Nigeria using multiple platforms: Facebook, Cokoye, Twitter, Youtube, Socialwider, Instagram, and hundreds of sites.
2. Video promotion is done using experienced digital and video marketers in Nigeria.
3. All components of digital marketing are employed: social media marketing, influencers marketing, mobile marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, and internet display advertising.
4. Different online marketing tools are used: articles, press releases, internet banners, online reviews, headlines, etc.
5. Assorted and different websites are used: news sites, online forums, social networking sites, video sharing sites, etc.
6. With the above video online marketing strategies combined, there will be heavy awareness about your video and the high possibility of viral.
7. Outperform Radio and TV video promotion in Nigeria.
8. Your video promotion will be done across 36 states in Nigeria + FCT, the African continent, and the world at large simultaneously without spending extra online promotion fees.
9. Strong online presence for the video and its contents: name, brand, artist, message, actor(s), product, service, etc.
10. Your video will be coming up in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

The Online Video Promotion Plans in Nigeria

Call it online video marketing, web video promotion, internet video advertising, whatever you choose to call it; AdHang has comprehensive packages to choose from, click here to choose a package.

Video marketing agency in Nigeria


What is this video marketing in Nigeria all about?

The video marketing in Nigeria is an online campaign service specifically for videos that lets your video to be spread in one or multiple sites and reach a huge number of an audience than otherwise. For example, when a video is marketed millions to billions of people will see it.

How would AdHang placing the video on video sharing sites provide exposure when I do not have subscribers on those sites?

In video marketing in Nigeria, you need not have subscribers to market videos, the promotion attracts subscribers, being the essence of the promotion.  Millions of people (depending on your budget) will view, watch, or see your video across tens of platforms out there Nigerians use. For example, I can go to your video link on Youtube and watch the video or see the title without being your subscriber.

 What is a video platform?

A video platform in this context means a video sharing site. For example, Youtube is a platform, Vimeo is a platform, Dailymotion is a platform, is a platform, and so on.

If you place my video on for example, It may still not get any or no views since I do not have subscribers there.

When your video is marketed you will definitely get views. Note that the video view/impression is different from the watch.

Can you guarantee people fully watching my video?

Video marketing agency in Nigeria like AdHang can guarantee views (people seeing the video, or watching it halfway as you can see on YouTube where people are given the option to SKIP or NOT), but cannot guarantee them watching it full all time because agencies don’t control over that.

Do you guarantee people will see my Video?

Yes, people will see your video, this is a paying video marketing method not free, your video will be promoted to reach Nigerians. 

I do not want my efforts to spread all over the place but the views to go to my YouTube video.

Yes, your video on Youtube can be used for all the promotions.

 Are you going to use Google ads or Youtube?

As the leading video marketing agency in Nigeria, AdHang does not use only Google ads for video promotion, because it will limit your video to YouTube, AdHang uses multiple sources, video marketing strategies, and video systems that allow the spreading of video across tens of video sites, including YouTube, Vimeo,, Dailymotion, etc.

What are the online video promotion options available?

For full video marketing, you can select any plan here.

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