Download AdHang’s brief template below and fill it for perfect planning; the document is meant to provide enough detail so AdHang will have understanding of the key issues, the purpose, timelines, target audience, outcomes and measures of success you require from your investment.


Choose below the category that best describes your entity:


Business/Corporate body/Company’s Brief Template

Mainly to increase sales or subscribers, acquire more customers; brand awareness, etc.Click here to download.


Carnival/Rally/Crusade/Concert/ all Events’ Brief Template

Mainly to attract ticket buyers, participants, create event publicity, etc.Click here to download.


Brief Template for Institution such as government, school and church

Mainly for public enlightenment, announcement, educating the populace, public awareness, etc.Click here to download.


Public Figure’s Brief Template

Mainly to build or repair public opinion, political campaigning, attract supporters, influence the masses, etc.Click here to download.


Online Digital Public Relation’s Brief Template

Mainly for online reputation management, crises management, image/brand promotion, etc.Click here to download.


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