Partnering with the Leading Online Advertising Agency


Do you run a traditional media outfit, or an agency into traditional advertising looking for an internet advertising agency to partner with you to help your clients run internet promotion in Nigeria? AdHang is here to partner with you to create, run and manage internet digital promotion for any of your clients. AdHang is an internet advertising specialized agency based in Nigeria and has served numerous clients both local and international from different sectors.


This partnership is for a media outfit, or an agency into traditional advertising such as billboard advertising, television advertising, print media advertising or below the line advertising. AdHang can serve as your internet advertising agency or internet advertising department, ensuring delivering of world-class, competitive and excellent services to your clients.
Being an internet specialized agency with no interest whatsoever in traditional advertising media, any client looking for traditional advertising medium (as it often happens) will be directed to your agency or media by AdHang.  


Why choose AdHang to partner with your agency, or media?


  • AdHang is an advanced, holistic and result focused agency.
  • AdHang is the first internet public enlightenment agency in Africa.
  • AdHang follows global best practice and standards.
  • AdHang has over ten years of experience in the internet digital marketing industry.
  • AdHang has most comprehensive; robust set of newest technologies and tools.
  • AdHang ensures Internet widest coverage and massive exposure.
  • AdHang will create campaign from start to finish and manage it around the clock.
  • There’re world-class professionals to dedicate to your success around the web.

Most importantly, AdHang is here to help you achieve your clients’ objectives and goals via internet. Click here to contact AdHang