How Digital Marketing in Nigeria works

Summary: you tell AdHang team what you want to promote/market, the target audience, objectives, budget, and time frame; then the agency will carry out situation analysis, do the online media planning, develop strategies, select platforms to achieve your objectives, create all the communications’ works such as internet banners, videos, info-graphics, headlines, promotional texts, images, press releases, online presentations, links, contextual adverts, etc; and send all these works to you for review and approval. Once AdHang gets your feedback, all the internet platforms’ owners will be paid and digital marketing will begin. Then AdHang manages the digital marketing around the clock achieving your objectives, and email reports weekly/monthly/yearly, or at the end of the campaign.  

How it works in full

Getting started with AdHang immediately

3 steps to hire AdHang, and start using the agency today: give your detail, get feedback from the agency and get all started. 

Step 1: Give your detail

Provide the following information:

1. What service or product does the company/organization deal on, or what do you want to advertise, promote, or publicize?
2. The target audience.
3. What region or country is the target audience located?
4. Website address if any.
5. What is your objective? For example, to create awareness, increase sales, get traffics, subscribers, downloads, leads, educate potential customers, establish the company as an expert in the field, public enlightenment, get supporters, fans, or a combination of objectives, etc.
6. The advertising timeframe and budget ( not sure about the budget? see standard costs, you can choose a plan from there, or state your budget).
7. Optionally, any other thing you want AdHang team to know, for example, you have campaigns already running in a particular platform and want the platform to be excluded in this campaign, etc. 

Step 2: Get feedback from the agency

The information you provide in step 1 will help AdHang team on the following:

i. Situation analysis (this includes SWOT analysis)
ii. Determine the communication needs: message strategy and creative strategy
iii. Setting communication channels’ objectives
iv. Choose the component(s) of digital marketing, e.g., search engine, influencers, social media, mobile, online display, and content marketing)
v. Select online platforms and sites
vi. Then send the campaigns’ scope of reference (daily routine campaign, strategies, sites, creative types, etc) to your entity for review and approval, before the campaign will start.

Note: AdHang team is standing by, therefore, you will get the above feedback from AdHang within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

Step 3: Get all started

1. Make the online campaign payment, and the receipt will be e-mailed within 24 hours.
2. AdHang will create all the online campaign creative works like Internet banners, contextual adverts, promotional piece, headlines, videos, etc. The campaign creative works will take between 3 to 14 working days to complete (depending on the number of creative works required to achieve your objectives). All the creative works will be done in your entity’s name with its logo, web address, etc, and forward to you first.
3. Once the agency gets feedback about the creative works, all the internet media owners in the package will be paid and the online campaign will begin within 24 hours.

Reports to get when the campaign begins
i. notification of adverts display in all the listed platforms within 48 hours (the adverts can be viewed in a particular region, across Nigeria, or world at large)
ii. notification of all the contents’ publications in all the listed platforms within 7 days (with active publications’ links which the publications can be viewed across Nigeria, and world at large)
iii. performances on monthly/weekly basis or at the end of the campaign contract

Use the form below to reach AdHang with the above information or any question you have.


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For Internal use only (AdHang’s in-house pre works)

i. Does the category of this product/service obvious to the target audience?

ii. Is the product/service new in the industry? If NO, there is at least a competitor; if YES, no obvious competitor, at least there are latent competitors (those who may not be in the same industry as the client but can satisfy the same needs in their own way).

iii. Is the product/service life cycle stage in the chosen country obvious? Is it in the introduction, growth, maturity, or decline stage in the market?

iv. Is the product/service new to the company; if NO, it’s likely is an established company in this line of product/service in the industry.

v. When would the client want to commence the online marketing/advertising and duration? Anything on the way that might hamper the success of the marketing? Evaluate it using PESTLE ( Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, Environmental) factors.

vi. Apart from objectives, does the client specify goals? E.g. 20% increase in sales, 100%increase in enquiries, 200%increase in download, a 40% increase in filling a form, etc. If yes, is it achievable considering the budget, time frame, and nature of product/service (Impulse product, emergency product, technical product, etc)?.

vii. What are the points-of-parity, and what are the points-of-difference?

Short answers to the above questions according to their numbers

i. If it is not obvious, the category has to be established; informative advertising will be done, which includes awareness creation, educating the target audience, and establishing the brand.

ii. If it is new in the industry, informative advertising will be used, if not, there are competitors as a result points-of-parity and points-of-difference advertising will be used.

iii. Basically Introduction stage “informative Advertising”, Growth stage “persuasive advertising” Maturity stage “reminder advertising” Decline state “reinforcement advertising, and sales promotion advert”.

iv. If it is new to the company “informative advertising”, if not, and there are competitors the ii answer above will be used.

v. The industry will determine the focus of any of the PESTLE. For example, medical product using the legal aspect of the PESTLE, is it an “over the counter” drug/medicine? If not, the advertising/marketing will be targeted at physicians; otherwise, mass advertising will be used.

vi. Basically, the goal, budget, and nature of the product/service will determine the answer. For example, if the goal is to increase x% sales, an established category of an impulse product the sales can start immediately the advertising begins if it is a technical or high price product, it may reach at least a month before the sales can start coming, etc.

vii. Things and features the product/service has competitors have, and things and features the product/service has competitors do not have.

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