Digital Marketing Nigeria

AdHang harnesses power of advanced technologies and all powerful online channels, and runs cohesive and coherent massive exposure campaigns to reach out to millions of target audience.
AdHang has different approach, choose a category below that best describes your entity to see the approach:



Business – corporation, start-up, etc.

>> Mainly to increase sales, subscribers/customers, and more market share; brand awareness, etc. “Click here”.


 Organization/institution – school, government, church, etc.

>> Mainly for public enlightenment, announcement, educating populace, etc. “Click here”.


Event – carnival, rally, crusade, concert, etc

>> Mainly to attract ticket buyers, participants, create public awareness, etc. “Click here”.


Public figure – politician, artist, futurist, activist, political office holder, etc.

>> Mainly to build or repair public opinion, political campaign, attract supporters, influence the masses, etc. “Click here”.


Online Digital Public Relation for any of the above

>> Mainly for online reputation management, crises management, image/brand promotion, etc. “Click here”.


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