Social media influencers recruitment jobs in Nigeria

AdHang is a leading online advertising agency in Nigeria, and currently looking for influencers in Nigeria to help publish, recommend and post to their followers and get paid.

Do you have large Nigeria’s friends, followers, or online community’s people that read, respect and listen to you? You can become one of AdHang’s influencers.

It does not matter if you use blogs, websites, online events, internet conferences, podcasts, Facebook (pages & groups), Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, discussion forums, and every other source of influence. Once you are a Nigerian influencer, popular for anything, listened to, and trusted by your online friends, readers, and followers from Nigeria, you can become AdHang’s influencer.

AdHang’s influencers’ partnership in Nigeria is simple. We send you post, you post it on your page, and get paid. You’re free to accept or reject any post, and then it can be passed to other influencers.

Send your detail to AdHang in the format below (aside No.1 and 7, skip any one not applicable):

  1. Title:  Nigerian Influencer
  2. Number of Facebook friends and profile link
  3. Number of Instagram followers and profile link
  4. Number of Twitter followers and profile link
  5. Number of Linkedin followers and profile link
  6. Note: you do not have to belong to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be an influencer or belong to all; one platform may be enough; must not have millions of friends/followers, thousands friends/followers are acceptable.
  7. Other network/group if any, and the number of followers/friends, and link
  8. Your phone number (for AdHang’s notification of post to make, and any interaction when necessary)
  9.   Cost per post in Naira (your best price, if other influencers who are in the same level as you give cheaper price they will be considered instead)
  10. Are your friends/followers belonging to a particular niche, or general? Please specify

Forward the detail to

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Social media Influencers partnership in Nigeria