With over a decade experience in the new media marketing in Nigeria; AdHang has had success stories across different sectors in Nigeria, and entire Africa. Below are some of the case studies:

Case Study One



When the Supernatural Conjoins with the Power of Internet Promotion

How AdHang, Drove People in the Tens of Thousands to Witness the Wonders of the Supernatural

event marketingEstablished about 40 years ago by founder and General Superintendent Pastor Williams Folorunsho Kumuyi, the widely-known Deeper Life Bible Church has enjoyed tremendous success, expanding its tentacles across different countries in the world.

Having hosted many programs including seminars, workshops, and crusades, which has impacted human lives in various capacity, the time for Abuja — the capital of the most populous black nation in the world — to wallow in the glory and wonders of the supernatural came. The church organized a one-day crusade to be held at the National Stadium, Abuja.

But Then Came the Roadblock
Though tagged “A Day of Supernatural Wonders with Pastor W.F. Kumuyi”, the potential success of the program hit a roadblock that only could be solved by human endeavors. The organizers weren’t doing well regards public awareness.

However, with the understanding that Caesar should be given what’s Caesar’s, AdHang was called upon to make a way through the barricade.

Archaic Solutions Gave Archaic Results
While one of the most famous pastors in Africa is the host of the crusade, the organizers couldn’t reach targeted masses. They tried to convey the crusade’s theme and features to the general public using conventional methods such as handbill distribution. But not so long, they discovered that their plans and efforts weren’t handy enough to pull the needed masses to the 60,491 capacity stadium.

AdHang Gave Workable Solutions
The organizers hired AdHang team after a thorough search for online promotion experts in Nigeria; though not after the agency met some certain criteria.  AdHang team was mandated to use the best, ethical techniques and online media to bring targeted audience to the program. And AdHang team didn’t fail!

AdHang commenced the project that was about creating a massive awareness about the crusade event by informing and educating targeted masses through content marketing. AdHang’s experts took a step further by placing strategic banners across selected internet platforms and created a sense of occasion about the event.

AdHang also used search engine and social media sponsored displays, and contextual ads across ten different online discussion forums.

To leave no stone unturned, moments before the event kick-off, AdHang launched a round-up promotion with a couple of landing pages to provide latest updates and to serve as event reminders and directions to the crusade venue via a virtual map.

Supernatural Meets an Overflow
Not only did AdHang create a sense of occasion, buzz and discussions about the crusade event across different online platforms and the Abuja environ, but also proffered a solution that reached over 500,000 targeted audience online.

On the crusade day, over 70,000 people came to the Abuja national stadium — a 60,481 capacity stadium. As a result, there was an overflow of people, and many had to stay outside. Nevertheless, everyone — those inside and outside the stadium alike — witnessed the wonders of the supernatural!

The organizers were euphoric after the event and called AdHang to thank the team for such a fantastic event promotion that produced a result so enormous that it exceeded their expectation.


digital event promotion banners
Having experienced AdHang’s publicity expertise by the organization, AdHang has been responsible for awareness and online publicity of virtually all Deeper Life’s big crusades. Deeper Life’s crusades publicized by AdHang are as follows: A Night of Divine Intervention, Emancipation Crusade, Total Redemption, among others. All held in national stadium at different periods and witnessed participation of tens of thousands of people.


Case Study Two


dynamodelay Africa Cokoyes fanpage

Dynamo Delay: Design and Social Networking Services for a New Product Launch

Dynamo Delay is a U.S.-based personal products company, poised to launch its products in the African nation of Nigeria.

The Challenge
The Dynamo Delay team was looking for a high-quality promotional campaign for the launch of its product in Nigeria. The problem was, the company’s current website was not Africa-focused at all, and didn’t speak to the local audience. What’s more, the company didn’t yet have a presence on the social networking sites dedicated to Nigeria and the African continent.


The company had been searching for local professionals in Nigeria — and later throughout the continent — who had at least 10 years experience of social media services for an African audience, with no luck.


In addition, they’d been contacting many agencies and IT professionals to help with the website and back-end development, but none of the local companies had the high international standards the Dynamo Delay team was seeking.

How AdHang Helped
dynamodelay Africa website
After much searching, the Dynamo Delay team found AdHang, choosing the agency for the quality of service and its global code of conduct — as well as its global standards.


We began with the design and development of an e-commerce website that incorporated elements of the African experience, thereby attracting the local audience. We also created social media fan pages on sites including Cokoyes, a popular social networking site in Africa, as well as Facebook.


In terms of content, we developed a series of articles that addressed the issues target audiences were facing and customers challenges with using the product. We also created different online videos such as the one posted here that addressed users’ needs and encouraged sales conversion.

The End Result
With our strategy, design, and website and social media support, Dynamo Delay’s company leaders felt good about the image it was projecting to the local — and global — community. Today, DynamoDelay Africa is well-positioned to compete in the target marketplace.



Case Study Three


Top Natural Healthcare 

AdHang, helped Top Natural Healthcare create customers for its herbal medicine for shrinking and eliminating fibroids. The client had a very tight budget and had no effective marketing campaign to attract customers to its natural medicine.

The Problem
Top Natural Healthcare suffered from lack of sufficient customers, or even awareness of its natural herbal fibroid medicine. The company also was plagued by low budget and a deficient marketing campaign that did not complement its product in its price range.

Top Natural Healthcare contacted AdHang, using AdHang’s template that helps client identifies its mission and target audience throughout the African continent. This template also outlines the client’s marketing objectives, which helps AdHang professionals understand the client’s goals, while assisting the client to express their objectives accurately.

Our Solution
AdHang performed a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis to become more intimately familiar with the real, total problem. The SWOT evaluation also identified some potential solutions. AdHang then designed some headlines and effective advertising message plans. We designed some original banners that will appeal to target prospects and the Top Natural Healthcare audience. The client believed a one day marketing blast campaign would be sufficient to get the message out to the target audience; their severely limited marketing budget contributed to the brevity of this strategy. To counteract the short life of the marketing campaign, our professionals published an information article in thousands of websites to better stimulate traffic within 24-hours. Our marketing message efforts included search engine ads, social networking posts, contextual ads, and online forums.

Our professionals published educational articles on thousands of websites to ensure high-level saturation of the Top Natural Healthcare brand of natural medicines.  Most people in the world were not even aware of Top Natural Healthcare and its natural solutions to troubling health issues. The product we promoted was a proven natural approach to rid women of the often painful fibroids in or around the uterus. This growth often inhibits a female’s fertility, particularly disturbing appearance of fibroids when women hope to become pregnant and bear children. This non-invasive approach, rids the female body of fibroids without any surgical procedures.

We also highlighted a report that explained the natural solution offered by Top Natural Healthcare. All that was necessary for visitors to do was to fill out a simple (three lines) form to gain instant access to the information in the report. To categorize this as a “marketing blitzkrieg” is accurate. We had to accomplish goals that normally take weeks or months to become fruitful in 24 hours.

The Results
The 24-hour internet marketing campaign resulted in 111 sign ups. There now was permanent quality content about the Top Natural Healthcare site and its service level on literally thousands of platforms around the world. The Top Natural Healthcare brand was enhanced. Its trust and recognition level increased significantly. If we could do this for this client in 24-hour campaign, you can comfortably infer what AdHang could do for you to reach brand enhancement and increased revenue.


digital promotion banners


Case Study Four


Atlasitalianigeria LTD is a partner of AtlasItalia of Italy, a leading manufacturing and construction company and based in Lagos Nigeria. Over the years, they have established themselves as a trustworthy seller and supplier of Portacabins in Nigeria. They are highly recognized for their design standards, and superior finish portable cabin products on time and on budget.
The problem
Atlasitalianigeria encountered a problem: they lost their position on search engine results and were in dire need of how to enhance their ranking in important keywords, both on Google and Yahoo. This problem obviously resulted in low traffic to the company’s website and decreased rate of inquiries for their services. To make the problem worse, their competitors were getting ahead of them.
Atlasitalianigeria LTD was looking to hire a search engine optimization company in Nigeria with vast experience in the field, and they settled for AdHang. So, the company’s MD contacted AdHang.com to help them in search engine optimization of their Nigeria’s website and other digital marketing services in Nigeria.
Our Solution
Upon taking on the job, AdHang embarked on a website audit. This was to help the agency understand the performance of the various elements of their webpages. The audit provided insight into their website’s traffic ranking, bounce rates and search percentages, and a couple of other factors. Next was to put in place effective strategies that would provide them with a distinct advantage, and make their website to work better.

Conducting a competitor analysis was our next point of action. This analysis was aimed at discovering the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors within their market. This helped in creating a marketing strategy that will generate an asset or skill their competitors did not have, and thus provided them with a distinct and enduring competitive advantage. With this, together with our extensive research, we came up with highly competitive keywords/phrases to bring the website back on the map.

We also improved the different elements and content of their website (on-page SEO) in order to meet the requirements for effective search engine optimization. We also implemented various promotion methods outside the boundaries of their website (off-page SEO).
The Outcome
After a successful execution of AdHang’s strategies, there was an improvement on their ranking on both Google and Yahoo. They ranked top 10 on both Google and Yahoo search engines on strategic 8 competitive keywords and phrases. This resulted in an increase in the number of visitors per day. Actually, their website registered a 102.90% and 85.1% increase in site unique visitors and number of visits respectively. Also, page view increased by 79.70%. Consequently, this increased the rate of inquiries for their services.

Working with Atlasitalianigeria ltd was just another opportunity to prove that AdHang is your one-stop destination for digital and webmarketing solutions in Nigeria and of course Africa’s continent.
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