is a leading property portal in Nigeria with property listings for sale, rent, and lease. The website offers property seekers an easy way to find details of properties in Nigeria like homes, houses, lands, shops, office spaces, and other commercial property.  The Nigerian property website is owned by Azrieli Property Limited.

While the properties ‘site has features of listing, browsing and buying properties, it lacks good user experience that allows the best use of the portal for buyers and real estate agents, and the worst problem is the site is very slow, in some cases won’t display at all, and timeout in the process.  Needless to say, these would lead to confusion, users complaining, potential buyers abandoning the site to go to competing real estate sites, etc.

The company has to look for website redesigning experts in Nigeria, and their research landed them to AdHang. The agency was consulted to help fix issues on the website.


After analysis of the website, AdHang uncovered many challenges, these include but not limited to the following:

  • Internal coding issues – CSS, etc
  • Poor configuration of the theme
  • Very sluggish loading site
  • Sometimes the website can’t open and time out
  • Annoying browsing experience


  1. AdHang started by moving the website hosting to, a Nigerian website hosting provider that provides great web hosting and fast servers.

AdHang team has to embark on numerous internal website redesigning jobs to solve numerous challenges.  Among the works AdHang did to solve above issues – the agency Installed, enabled/disabled and tweaked features below:

  • Cache system and automatic cache clearing at a specific period
  • Activate cache in both desktops, mobiles, and tablets
  • Add expire headers
  • Cache external script
  • Remove query strings
  • HTML minification
  • JS minification
  • Group JS
  • CSS minification
  • Group CSS
  • Adjust images settings and added lazy load


Within 4 days of backend redesigning and intensive technical fixing, etc. Below are the results AdHang achieved for the company:

  1. The website velocity increased according to analysis from
  2. Before our work, the page speed score is 53%, after our work the page speed score is now 93%.
  3. Users of the website can now browse the website as long as they wish without a timeout.
  4. The website speed has been increased by 56.99%.
  5. All areas of the website load fast than ever.