Online media agency in Nigeria  Online Media Agency in Nigeria AdHang has been assisting entities in Nigeria, and across the globe to utilize web to its fullness, therefore helping them maintain solid web presence – massively reaching millions of people, building reputation, demonstrating capability, and showcasing credibility to their audiences across the the world.

As the leading online media agency in Nigeria with over a decade experience in the industry, AdHang has changed, and transformed the way entities engage their target audience via web using an engaging, appealing and compelling holistic multi-channel internet communication strategies, and techniques.

Hire AdHang today for professional web services in Nigeria.

Below are categories of online media services AdHang offers to entities, and can help your entity on any of them.


Products and services web marketing: this web service in Nigeria helps business to market products and services,  stimulate demand, and increase sales in marketplace in Nigeria and across Africa.

Event web promotion: event web promotion service helps event organizers to create awareness about an event in Nigeria, and increase number of participants to an event in Nigeria. Some of events this web promotion is for are carnival, crusade, concert, festival, training, and business show-case.

Institution web public enlightenment: this web service in Nigeria helps school, church, and government agency to enlighten the public, change people attitudes towards something and get masses to take an action on an issue.

Public Figures web influencing and campaigning: this web service in Nigeria is for public figures to influence masses, attract supporters, and fans across Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.  The web service is for public figure such as musician, politician, activist, and public office holder.


Going viral online: this is a solution to viral marketing. Do you have anything you want to go viral online? It can be an opinion, brand name, service, movement, political message, etc. There is never a service like this before in Nigeria. This service is for you if your entity wants viral marketing, or anything to go viral on the internet.  

Online media planning: online media planning is a service that helps companies, organizations, and institutions to carry out online media planning. Without a proper media planning by experts, any internet campaign will likely fail, therefore leading to frustration, wasting of time, and money. This media planning web service takes into consideration many factors, and will save your entity from wasting resources.

Press release distribution: is your company interested in engaging millions of Nigerians through online press release publications? Do you want to influence a particular audience? Or is your company just needed to be on hundreds of big websites? This news distribution service in Nigeria is for you.

Social media marketing: this web service in Nigeria helps companies to market products, and promotes brands in social media. It helps Nigerian agencies to manage their social media fan page, design pages, and run sponsored ads and engage their audiences in any state, region, and across Nigeria using different social media platforms.

Search engine optimization (SEO): this service helps in putting names, brands and companies on the top of search engine results. Are you interested to move up in search engine results in Google, Yahoo and Bing? This SEO service is for you; here you hire AdHang’s SEO experts to optimize your company’s website (including pages of products and services), and with this you will have search engine visibility of your brand across searches done in Nigeria and beyond. Is important to mention here (aside search engine sponsored ads), SEO is a relevant aspect of search engine marketing (this leads to a better organic search engine result).

Email marketing: email marketing service helps entity to engage its target audience around Nigeria. The email service will help your entity achieve divergent objectives and goals: advertising of products and services to increase sales, public enlightenment to create awareness, political campaign to attract supporters, the list goes on.

Web banner advertising: this web service in Nigeria helps an entity to have web banners placed across thousands of websites viewed in Nigeria, and entire Africa.  AdHang will design the banners in sizes, write compelling headlines, and select strategic websites to deploy the banners across the web.

Video promotion: this web service in Nigeria helps any video to be promoted using assorted categories of video promotion sites: discussion forums, presentation websites, social networking sites, and video publishing platforms. If your entity has video(s) its needs to be made known to millions of Nigerians, or a given target audience, this service is for your entity.

Brand positioning service: brand positioning marketing will help your company to be the top of mind in the niche you serve and dominate the market. Until Nigerians know what your brand name, products and services stand for; you will not effectively reach your target market, increase sales and profits. 

Web public relation: this web service in Nigeria helps entities to position their image, foster trust and credibility, promote their brands, build or repair public opinion on any given issue.


Mobile App marketing: did you develop an App, and Interested in promoting, or advertising it online in Nigeria?  This marketing service is for you: it will help you for an App store optimization, and aggressively market your App across Nigeria and create awareness, increase download, signup, and get millions of users.

Real estate online advertising: as the leading real estate Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria AdHang provides new media marketing solutions to help properties’ owners and real estate’s companies to reach millions of Nigeria’s buyers across 36 states of Nigeria quicker and better. This is a solution to market real estate online in any part of Nigeria.

Doctor online advertising: are you a doctor/medical director and interested in engaging thousands of patients from Nigeria? As the leading digital marketing experts in Nigeria with decades of years of experience in new media marketing, the strategies, and tactical approach needed to achieve your digital marketing objectives and goals in Nigeria are in place.

Hospital online advertising: this service will save your medical center team the stress and headache, therefore, will plan all the hospital digital marketing, develop all the advertising creative works, design promotion formats, select best websites for the awareness in Nigeria, and execute the digital marketing all over the internet.

Cosmetics digital marketing: is your company into cosmetics manufacturing, or distributions in Nigeria? As the No.1 digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria, AdHang can support your digital marketing efforts, and help your firm create online advertisements and achieve its products’ awareness and publicity objectives in Nigeria.

Government investment’s stimulation promotion: is there investment opportunity in the state government wanted to promote to potential investors worldwide? This new media service is meant to help government whether state or federal to research, plan, systemize, and provide solutions for the promotion of investment’s opportunities in the state online all over the world.

Political governance achievement campaign service: internet has revolutionized the way public campaign is done currently, for a government in power to be liked and appreciated by the citizens requires constant communications and divergent new media campaigns. This is where this online media services come in, this will massively inform the public all the achievements of the governments so far, etc.

Political campaign: are you campaigning for a political office, or representing a party/candidate for the upcoming election? This solution is for you, to campaign and win an election in any region in Nigeria, or around English speaking Africa’s countries.

Sport betting and lotto marketing: do you operate sport betting business, or need digital marketing for lotto program? This game online marketing service is created to help you reach millions of punters.

Law firm advertising: legal firm advertising help lawyers to create public awareness about the legal services, and reach potential clients in the state, and across Nigeria.


Video production: this web service in Nigeria is for all kinds of web video creation: animation, live video, and whiteboard, etc. Is your entity looking for a professional web video for awareness, educating the target audiences, or showcasing any product, political campaigning, or service demonstration? This service is the solution for every video creation need in Nigeria.

Website design: looking for a professional, and global standard website design that will help your entity showcase its product, and service or just anything on the worldwide web?  This web service in for your entity, whether for corporate website, eCommerce site, event website, political website, news portal, or school website.

Online advertising copywriting: this service means hiring AdHang to help your entity write ads copies to catch internet users’ attention.   With growing number of interesting apps and websites, internet users are becoming busier. To get internet users’ attention, there must be a captivating headlines that resonate with them, and make them take an action. This web service will help your entity achieve this quicker.

Banner design: internet is full of banners advertising different things, and these banners are out there for different internet advertising objectives. This web service in Nigeria is one of services created to help your entity have a tool to catch online users’ attention, and achieve the entity’s objectives – awareness, remind, persuade, and reinforce.

Social media page design: is your company looking for designing of its social media page cover? This web service is meant to help companies have an attractive and appealing social media cover, or fan page across social media.

Article writing: without articles/contents there are nothing to share social networking sites and nothing to publish on website; AdHang’s article writing service is to assist you create newsletter, forum posts, blogs, online sales’ articles, and inform millions of prospects across the federal republic of Nigeria.

Poster design and printing: is your entity interested in a poster design and printing in Nigeria? Whether for a political election, church program, or business advertising, hire the agency for a professional poster design and printing solutions in Nigeria.

AdHang is a complete online media solution agency located in Lagos.  All the web services at AdHang are planned, and executed by professionals with decades of experience in web services across the world.