Bakery equipment digital marketing case study


With the mission to provide lasting solutions to the bakery industry in Nigeria, Smart Bite Equipment is a bakery equipment company. Not only do they provide a wide variety of bakery equipment for leading and startup Nigerian bakeries. Smart Bite Equipment also provides bakery enthusiasts, access to solutions that will facilitate the setting up of bakery enterprises with lean budgets.

To achieve its mission, Smart Bite Equipment collaborates with Guangzhou Hongling Electric Heating Equipment Company Limited, one of the leading manufacturers of baking equipment in China, AdHang was hired.

Guangzhou Hongling Electric Heating Equipment Company Limited advertising case study in Nigeria


With such important products, you would think that Smart Bite Equipment, would walk straight into the Nigerian market. However, getting across to their target audience was not as easy as importing the products into the country.

So, to pursue success, the Smart Bite Equipment team was looking to grow its online presence in Nigeria. Although they represented a renowned bakery manufacturing company in China, Smart Bite Equipment was bringing in new products to the Nigerian market. They had no website, neither was any online marketing done for its line of products under the current brand.

In searching for ways to achieve this growth, Commodore Rasak Oluwole Adeleye (Retd), the company’s CEO, discovered AdHang. He jumped at the opportunity to showcase the company and its products to the market.

“We looked into the best marketing agencies in Nigeria, but were unable to settle for just anyone because we needed to be sure we were choosing the best, for the company”.

Says Commodore Adeleye.

“When we learned of an agency that could handle all aspects of creating an online presence for us, it meant we could easily achieve our goals”. Commodore Adeleye continues.


We started by registering the brand under the domain name “” and a secure web hosting service. Then we proceed to design and develop the companies website that screams bakery equipment while maintaining an easy-to-navigate interface.

We set up effective and top-notch social media marketing strategies, as well as bulk SMS and email marketing strategies. All to put the name “Smart Bite Equipment” on the lips of every bakery enthusiast in Nigeria.


Seven days after the website launch and implementation of our marketing strategies. The bakery equipment company could now boast of a website that is viewable in all devices: (desktop, feature phones, smartphones)

As well as the following results:

  • 639,012+ impressions for the advert
  • 316,448+ prospects reached for the brand
  • 6,400+ hits on the website
  • Active online presence