About Adhang.com

Adhang.com is a world-class digital marketing agency based in Nigeria and the first internet public enlightenment agency in Africa. It is manned by some of the biggest online public enlightenment, digital marketing optimization, conversion, and targeting experts in the industry. Armed with a most advanced, comprehensive, and robust set of latest technologies and tools to inform, persuade, and market, or educate a populace online. In running a promotion, or enlightenment digital campaign, AdHang incorporates different online digital marketing elements, and multiple traditional promotion mix in digital space such as product placement, advertising, direct marketing, public relation, and much more.

Can AdHang help outside Nigeria?

AdHang team can help to market, campaign, and advertise in any continent, country, and the region around the globe.  AdHang renders services worldwide and has professionals in different parts of the world working for the agency (you can see this in AdHang’s various online activities). This not only makes Adhang.com stands out in the global community, is one of the ways Adhang.com ensures that its online digital marketing services are in line with global best practices and standards, and to better serve all clients irrespective of location in the world.

Can Adhang.com help companies from outside Nigeria to market in Nigeria or Africa?

Yes, any company, or organization outside Nigeria can subscribe to Adhang.com to market in Nigeria, any country in Africa, or the entire continent of Africa (English only).

We have a marketing department managing our Adverts on TV, Radio, and Print media, do we still need Adhang.com?

Yes, Adhang.com is a digital marketing specialist and should be regarded as an extension of your marketing department with online media focus only, i.e., internet marketing is AdHang’s core expertise.

Our organization needs additional channels and has a bigger budget than AdHang’s Premium Plan. How do we go about it?

Adhang.com can include additional online marketing channels, and accommodate a bigger budget to suit the organization’s aggressive marketing and goals. In addition, there can be AdHang’s premium plan for creating awareness,  separate premium plan for stimulating demand, or increasing sales, and plan for educating masses. Also, a dedicated premium plan targeting the Nigerian populace, and a separate plan targeting entire Africa continent, etc. Adhang.com welcomes more online media channels inclusion and a bigger budget than its default premium plan.

We have a lower budget than the Economic Plan. What would we do?

Tell AdHang team the organization’s budget, and duration for it. AdHang’s online marketing administrators will review the budget, duration, and tell the organization the formats and platform(s) the budget can effectively cover.  Adhang.com is flexible enough to accommodate cost-sensitive advertisers.

Can Adhang.com abide by our company’s advertisement terms?

Adhang.com follows global advertisement best practices and standards.  Generally, Adhang.com will abide by advertisers’ terms.  Example: non-incentive vs. incentive advertising.

Can Adhang.com work with our advertisement theme with traditional media?

Yes, AdHang will evaluate, write, and design advertisement that will be in line with the organization’s advertisement running in the traditional media such as Radio, TV, Newspaper, Billboard, etc.  Adhang.com will maintain on the internet the advertisement’s message, appearance, feel, and sound, etc.

Does Adhang.com use CPC, PPL, PPM, and PPA kind of payment methods in its plans?

Adhang.com does not render, or bother you with all these terms: these are payment methods, processes, and metrics. As professionals,  we focus on objectives, and goals orientated digital marketing, incorporating integrated digital promotion elements, effective internet media channels, and run a well balanced online campaign. Adhang.com takes away all the stress, confusion, and waste of time for you and will focus on biggest optimization and targeting; armed with the very best, and most advanced, comprehensive, and robust set of technologies, platforms, and digital advertising tools.

However, a campaign report will contain the metrics to let the organization see the performance, but not the basis for payment. E.g. number of impressions.

Does Adhang.com offer a custom web campaign service?

Yes, Adhang.com offers custom web campaign services, and tools such as ad copywritingvideo creation, online banner design, and its placement in platforms, website design, social networking page design, internet display ads management, online media planning, and running ads in specific websites, etc.  To see full services by AdHang click here.

Does Adhang.com offer digital marketing training?

AdHang offers advice, and digital marketing consultation to clients and prospects to better engage, and achieve online marketing objectives and goals. No digital marketing training to the general public.

What would happen to all campaign materials online at the end?

Whenever a campaign subscription ends, only “text contextual ads, sponsored display, and banners” will be stopped from showing on sites. All contents produced, and distributed such as articles, presentations, videos, and press releases will remain permanent online in different places where they are published.  No extra charges, or fees to keep them online.

Who would own the copyright to all the creative works?

Your organization will own the copyright to all the creative works created for its campaigns, such as banners, articles, ads copies, online presentations, and videos, etc. That means the organization is free to use them for further online advertising campaigns with AdHang, or somewhere else.

How about the confidentiality of our data?

AdHang does not share or disclose a client’s confidential, and proprietary in nature information disclosed in the course of the engagement to carry out its duty to any third-party. Also, all campaign metrics during online advertising will be kept secret and shared with the organization only. AdHang team takes privacy seriously.

We need to start now and how would we start with Adhang.com?

To start, the entity can select a suitable plan here. After the payment, send the creative brief:  whether it is for the government’s agency, business, event organizer, or public figure.

The online advertising creative brief will contain everything about the campaign, such as objectives, goals, and plan selected, target audiences, contact person’s name, and phone number, logo, and website address (if any), landing page link, advertising duration, organization name, etc.

This will serve as a blueprint that will guide AdHang team in the preparation of the creative material, and digital advertising design formats and campaign focus. When the AdHang team gets the brief, the preparations will start immediately, and your organization will be notified when all the creative works are done before the campaign will commence.

See “AdHang’s approach.