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Digital Marketing Consultant in Nigeria (AdHang) can help you with digital marketing consultation services in Nigeria: from small to mid-size companies, business owners, and senior management who typically have invested significant time, energy, and resources into their companies, then need outsider perspectives; to public figures who need to leverage the internet to engage millions of Nigerians; and institutions that need to achieve their digital marketing objectives in Nigeria faster and easier across the country.

Whether you are looking for well-defined online marketing goals in Nigeria, expand and grow supporters’ base, improve relationships with the public, move into new niches to connect with new customers, or getting strategies for a long-term subscribers growth; AdHang’s online marketing consulting services in Nigeria have these solutions and more.

7 Benefits of Using AdHang’s Digital Marketing Consultancy in Nigeria

  • New perspectives of digital marketing in Nigeria
  • Accomplishing digital marketing short-term and long-term goals
  • Leveraging world-class new skills of digital marketing in Nigeria
  • Getting your industry’s best digital marketing knowledge
  • The luxury of having time to plan and strategize communications effectively
  • Having seasoned digital marketing consultations in Nigeria with creative, advertising, and ads tech experts
  • Working with the top digital marketing consultant in Nigeria with over a decade of experience
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The Scope of the Digital Marketing Consultation Services In Nigeria By AdHang

As the leading and No.1 digital marketing consultant in Nigeria, AdHang has helped entities across the globe in different aspects of digital marketing consulting in Nigeria.  AdHang’s digital marketing consultancy in Nigeria involves 7 digital marketing scopes, and you can be assisted in all or any of them.

  1. Search engine marketing: SEO and sponsored ads on google, yahoo, bing, AOL, etc.
  2. Content marketing: online case study, sales piece, infographics, internet newsletter, web press release, etc.
  3. Internet display advertising: internet banner advertising, contextual online advert, web-sponsored post, forum advertising, etc.
  4. Social media marketing: web video advert, social media management, fan page design, post creation, etc.
  5. Influencer marketing: opinion leaders’ reviews (journalists, industry analysts, etc), message strategies using bloggers, news portals’ publishers, etc.
  6. Online media planningsituation analysis and strategic media selection, market research, data gathering, online media buying, etc.
  7. Mobile marketing:  mobile landing page, mini banners, SMS, integrating ads, etc.
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AdHang’s Digital Marketing Consultancy’s Objectives in Nigeria

Some objectives AdHang’s digital marketing consultancy in Nigeria can help your entity achieve are as follows:

1.          To inform: this involves awareness, educating the target audience about the products, and services, and establishing the brand in the minds of the retailers/consumers/user, etc, or for public figures informing supporters, or institutions such as a church, government, and school reaching the public. It depends on the entity you represent; AdHang has you covered in the digital marketing consultancy in Nigeria.

2.         To persuade: this involves stimulating actions such as purchases, subscriptions, downloads, sales, generating leads, increasing demand, etc, or winning fans for public figures, and so on.

3.         To remind: this encourages repeat usage, ensures people who are yet to subscribe do so, and reduces chances of people switching to other brands, etc.

4.         To reinforce: this reinforces the benefits of using your services, the positive experience of buying from you, the rationale why your brand is the best choice, etc.

5.          To optimize: this will build a strong online presence of the brand all over the internet which will lead to massive subscriptions from the point of sale, so retailers/partners will be able to sell their products, etc. For a public figure or institution, online optimization will help you to have a foothold online and engage the target audience all over the internet.

AdHang’s digital marketing consultancy in Nigeria, who is it for?

AdHang team comprises world-class digital marketing consultants in Nigeria and has served in different sectors across the globe. You may want to know who the digital marketing consultancy by AdHang is meant for.  Click here to see who the online marketing consultancies in Nigeria are for.

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Think of a top digital marketing consulting firm in Nigeria, think AdHang: from social media marketing strategy, search engine marketing, and internet banner display, to content marketing in Nigeria, and across Africa.

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