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From election campaign strategy, campaign research, and electorate relation to campaign management; AdHang comprises political marketing experts that ensure victory. With 15+ years of experience in managing campaigns, AdHang is all the media agency you need to secure your political seat in Nigeria.


  1. Onboarding and Discovery Fee of $2, 999.
  2. You tell AdHang about your candidacy, seat campaigning for, top opponents (if they are visible), and things you want the target electorate to know and believe about you.  Also, this allows for any consultation you need now and in the future of this political season.
  3.  Our agency will start with your domain registration and website built with all the campaign features like about you, vision, press section, money donation system, volunteers sign form, etc. And create/redesign your social media profiles and fan base/page/handle on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

 Then, we write and send out your first press release about you, your website launch, social media profiles, vision for the constituency/state, etc., which will be published on 300+ digital channels comprising news sites, blogs, online forums/communities, wikis, online directories, search engines, etc.  And run a promotion of all the campaign assets above and your person using Google search engine, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook sponsored ads for 15 days. And we standby to offer you around-the-clock political marketing consultancy any time and day is needed as you embark on this journey of becoming the elected one.

All the aforementioned will promote you across the state, publicize your political campaign website and social media handles, attract supporters and demonstrate seriousness to the public, electorates, and foster sponsors’ confidence about your candidacy and progress.

Note that all the above are part of the one-time fee for the whole political season. The breakdown of the functions and works included in the 2, 999 USD consultancy fee is as follows:

  1. Stand-by consultant for political marketing questions, answers, and communication strategies till the end of the election.
  2. Your website address registration, and hosting for one year.
  3. Designing a professional political website that showcases your candidacy, and it will be responsive and compatible with desktops, laptops, featured phones, and smartphones.
  4. Integrate into the website social media sharing icons like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, etc.
  5. Integrate into the website a payment system to enable crowdfunding and donations online.
  6. Integrate into the website the registration form and database to enable volunteers to register on the website.
  7. Integrate the contact form to enable electorates to contact you or your campaign members of staff.
  8. Integrate into the website a system that enables the publishing of your podcasts, news, speeches, and campaign videos on the website.
  9. Add to the website as many pages as needed such as the Home page, About you, Contact team, Blog, News page, Vision page, Event, Supporters page, etc.
  10. Integrate into the website all your contents – about you, mission, vision, speeches, mantra, videos, and so on.
  11. Register the website in big search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  12. Set up or design /redesign your social media profiles and handles -Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


13. Write a press release and send it to you for review, input and approval.

14. Publish the press release on 300+ digital channels permanently that comprise news websites, blogs, online forums, Facebook groups, etc.

15. Promote your digital campaign assets (the website, and social media profiles) across the state for 15 days to let the public, electorates, and supporters know them. We promote them every minute for 15 days using sponsored Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, and Youtube.

16. Offer political marketing consultation from our political firm in Nigeria till the end of the final election.


  1. Stand-by consultant for political marketing questions, answers, and communication strategies.
  2. Create a stunningly beautiful website.
  3.  Create a responsive, fast-loading website.
  4.  Increase website traffic by creating SEO optimized website.
  5.   Improve your brand.
  6.    Permanent social media presence.
  7.  Increase online visibility, brand equity, and recognition in the constituency, state, and beyond.
  8.  Increase voters’ conversion by placing content in strategic places online.
  9.  Showcase your candidacy on different platforms online.
  10. Great user experience for visitors to your site. This encourages word-of-mouth marketing from your supporters.
  11.  Website, brand name, pages, and vision publicity,
  12. Make it easier for the supporters and public to recommend you.
  13. Awareness of your vision, position, and better online presence.
  14.  Educating your electorates about your candidacy and what they stand to benefit.
  15. Top 10 ranking in big search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing).
  16.  300+ backlinks to the website and other digital assets.
  17. Recommendation of your candidacy from hundreds of online sources permanently.
  18. Get volunteers’ enquiries, leads, and an enhanced chance of constant supporters.
  19.  Make your name respected and foster trust for donors, supporters, and electorates.
  20. Move ahead of rivals coming later across the streets and hence your reputation as the best candidate.
  21. Have systems that make it easy for supporters to be part of the movement and sponsors to donate money at their convenience from homes, offices, streets or anywhere.
  22. Have dedicated virtual centers for information about your candidacy for journalists and interested groups.

To request bank account details for the Onboarding and Discovery Fee, send your request on Telegram or WhatsApp at +2348034283159 or email expert@adhang.com.

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