AdHang’s copywriters in Nigeria write contents that not only keep companies’ marketing department happy, but their sales, legal, partners and brand police happy too; at the same time resonate with the target audiences and customers. Copywriting is a lot more than just typing/writing whatever comes to mind; copywriters in Nigeria at AdHang balance imaginations with… Read More

Press release distribution services in Nigeria by AdHang will get you a massive publicity online and increase your exposure and visibility to new audiences through press release submission in hundreds of websites. You can have great products, services, news and write great press releases, but if they’re not being published on the best press release’s… Read More

Cosmetics digital marketing agency in Nigeria AdHang is helping cosmetics’ manufacturers connect various customers and distributors across Nigeria. Digital marketing is the right marketing communication channel for all businesses around the world and it’s no different in the skin care and beauty industry. In Nigeria, there are many people looking and searching for cosmetics to… Read More

Medical digital marketing in Africa is made easier by AdHang through the agency’s strategic medical marketing using over ten years experience in digital marketing in Africa. Over the years,  AdHang has been supporting global brands to harness digital marketing channels in the continent to reach patients for hospitals and doctors, customers for medical products manufacturers,… Read More

Political Digital Communications Strategist in Nigeria AdHang for more than ten years has been helping clients to plan, strategize and embark on effective digital communications for awareness and persuasion.  Whether for a political party or politician looking for public enlightenment, candidate awareness, or increasing supporters and fans; AdHang has advanced digital communications strategists to reach… Read More

 Note: AdHang is not properties’ agent, or a Real Estate Company; AdHang is an online advertising agency, located in Lagos. Therefore, AdHang can help real estate agents, companies, and properties’ dealers market their names, services and properties to millions of Nigerians. Your firm knows real estate business, what good locations and value of property entail;… Read More