Nigerian Public enlightenment

Digital public enlightenment is one of the core expertise of AdHang. AdHang harnesses the power of all the internet public communication tools, and major platforms (both in Nigeria and international) to help institutions and organizations reach millions of Nigeria’s populace, and create a massive public enlightenment campaign on any issue.

Reaching millions of Nigerians using the best digital practice

AdHang’s public education campaign follows global code of conduct and principles. When hired, AdHang will run your public enlightenment campaign in such a manner that is accurate, complete, and clear and design to promote credibility and trust by the target audience, interested group, and Nigeria’s general public.

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The Public Enlightenment Campaign Approach by AdHang


Team A


AdHang’s situation analysis experts will employ AdHang tools to analyze:

  • Target audience to know what are their online behaviors and preferences.
  • What will be a stumbling-block to the message (ignorant, opposition, etc).
  • Conduct a PESTLE (political, economic, social, technology, legal, and environment factors), analysis to determine the best acceptable and appealing formats, and then map out suitable strategy to get positive response from the masses.
  • Core benefits that the target populace will derive from the public enlightenment.

All the studies, analysis and information gathered will be passed to the next teams to continue. See the next tab.


Team B


Copy-writing experts will write the digital banner headlines, educative articles, online press release, digital guide presentation, and informative video script. See the next tab.


Team C


Digital art design experts will design the internet presentation, call to action banners, and attractive images adhering to online platforms requirements, and international standards. See the next tab.


Team D


Digital advertising copy creation experts will research and generate the campaigns keywords, create advertising copies, and internet video. See the next tab.


Campaign Administrator


Campaign administrator Will email all the prepared creative works and enlightenment materials to you to further confirm. Once everything is approved,  campaign administrator will pay all the online digital media. See the next tab.


Account Manager


Account manager will publish your public enlightenment on numerous internet platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Adcenter, Linkedin, Cokoye, etc. And the public enlightenment will start running immediately all over the internet – the organization’s banners will start to pop out in millions of web pages, etc. See the next tab.


Team E


Content publishing unit will forward copies of all the prepared articles, demonstration videos, digital presentations, and a press release to the organization before publishing them to all the online media and sharing platforms on the contract. See the next tab.




The following experts will be dedicated to the project: account manager, online digital environment researcher, content marketer, social media strategist, mobile advertising specialist, digital influencers strategist, data specialist, online display strategist, search engine display expert, and campaign administrator. All these experts will manage the public enlightenment campaigns all over the web, and ensure all the objectives and goals are achieved.

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Steps to start internet public enlightenment with AdHang

A. Choose a plan (or let us know your selected channels and budget through your brief; AdHang will work with it instead). “Click here to download a brief template

B. Email us a copy of your brief document (your brief document will detail every thing to know about your public enlightenment campaign) which will include the target audience, their location, duration of the enlightenment, objectives, etc. For example, objectives can be to create awareness, educate the masses, etc.

These are all needed on your part for your public enlightenment creative works to begin. Your brief will be studied and we will contact you if we need anything on the process.

AdHang will use 10 working days to complete all the online public enlightenment campaign preparations.