Below are some AdHang’s works you might have come across around the internet, which include internet banners, videos, advert headlines, social media creatives, and so on.


  • Company name: First City Monument Bank.
    Country: Nigeria.
    Online advertising focus: FCMB personal banking.
    Works done: Headlines writing, online banners, etc.


Our digital marketing FCMB


  • Company name: Etisalat.
    Country: United Arab Emirates.
    Online advertising focus: Etisalat’s mobile assistance.
    Works done: Headlines writing, online banners, etc.


digital marketing samples etisalat



  • Company name: ScreamingO.
    Country: United States.
    Marketing focus: Dynamo Delay.
    Works done: Web videos, website development, social media services, etc.

dynamodelay Africa facebook fanpage
Cokoyes Social media cover design and promotion Website design

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  • Organization name: Deeper Christian Life Ministry.
    Country: Nigeria.
    Online publicity focus: Crusade’s event held in the national stadium Abuja.
    Works done: Online banners, event awareness, etc.


digital event promotion banners


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Our digital marketing works


Web marketing video for


  • Business name: Top Natural Healthcare.
    Country: Nigeria.
    Online advertising focus: Herbal medicine for fibroid.
    Works done: Headlines writing, online banners, awareness, enlightenment, etc.


digital promotion banners

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  • Name: Dr. Nader Salti.
    Country: Dubai.
    Online advertising focus: Medical services (Surgery).
    Works done: Headlines writing, online banners, awareness in Nigeria, etc.


Banners design samples


  • Company name: NextVitamins.
    Country: Nigeria.
    Online advertising focus: Online health store.
    Works done: Headlines writing, online banners, awareness, etc.


Online health store site


  • Organization name: Moneyvarsity.
    Country: Nigeria.
    Online advertising focus: Summit’s event held in Abuja.
    Works done: Promotion content writing, online banners, event online publicity, etc.


Summit advertising



Manufacturing company marketing services


  • Company name: Dream Cosmetics.
    Country: Nigeria.
    Digital Marketing Focus: Aqualis Soap.
    Works done: Consumers’ education, sales’ article and online press release writing and distributions, internet banners, online awareness, etc.


cosmetics digital marketing services



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social media design companies Lagos


socialmedia design agencies in Lagos


socialmedia page designers in Lagos


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