Youth Talent Hunt Program digital marketing Case Study


Xplore Universe Is a Youth Talent Hunt Program in Nigeria which focuses on Acting and Singing. This program is managed and controlled by Save Pay Multi-Business Enterprise. Xplore Universe brings youth to stand in the limelight of the creative arts, thespian, and musical areas of specialization. It gives a great opportunity to Individuals to taste the sense of pride and achievement globally and to execute things perfectly. This show encourages the performers and gives a lot of confidence in each and every individual to enrich their decision-making skills.

The organizers of the show hired AdHang to help them create online campaigns that would advertise the program, promote the organizer, at the same time lure and attract participants across Nigeria.

After studying the brief, a situation analysis was done by AdHang, the agency uncovered three following challenges faced by the Xplore Universe, and which must be addressed in the program promotion.

  1. Lack of trust by the public

Usually, people didn’t trust these kinds of shows. Mostly talent hunt shows are reality shows present on TV and consider that the shows are scripted and planned. It is difficult for the participant to trust judges on making the right decision as well.

  1. Unpopular audition program

Auditions are the most important part of any talent hunt program. The audition of the program was unpopular and didn’t get promoted like any other regular show and this is the reason that most people are unaware of the auditions and missed it in the past.

  1. No awareness

Creating awareness among people is the biggest challenge for the organizers. The audition is for every youth person living in Nigeria; it is difficult for the organizers to start awareness campaigns about the show nationwide without the help of PR professionals like the AdHang team.

To solve the aforementioned challenges; AdHang implemented divergent online promotion strategies, some of which are as follows.

  • Press Release Writing and Publication

In creating awareness and fostering trust among potential about the show, a press release was written and published.  The press release was published on different news websites.

  • Ad Copywriting

Ad copywriting was used to contextually convey the message through advertising; this easily convinced people for participation.

  • Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising was employed targeting youths who use social media for entertainment (infotainment) this leads to interactions about the audition, this provided the medium for potential participants to ask questions, and at the same time increased traffic to the organizers’ website.

  • Advertising Video Production

A commercial advertising video was produced to convey visual messages about the auditions and show. It’s like a trailer of the show to inform the public about the show.

Audition in Nigeria advertising case study


All these strategies used by AdHang provided desirable results.

  1. Awareness generation across Nigeria.
  2. Fostered participants trust through creatives such as PR and repeated Ad.
  3. 311, 297+ Nigerians reached.
  4. Permanent video uploads on video sites and PR on news sites, thus promoting the brand around the clock.

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