events online advertising Nigeria AdHang’s events online promotion experts will help you create an event online awareness in any part of Nigeria. When hired, in order to meet the upcoming event communication objectives, AdHang will develop a publicity strategy that will create massive awareness of the event using all powerful internet channels and assorted sites.


To further Meet the Upcoming Event’s needs


AdHang’s event online advertising will include details of how to locate the event’s venue, steps to follow to be a participant; and if applicable, gate fee categories and how to buy or collect the event’s ticket, etc. The awareness strategy will be developed to ensure instant and massive exposure, and to help create a sense of occasion around the event in Nigeria all over the internet.


Event’s online public awareness Approach


1st Team

AdHang’s situation analysis experts will use AdHang’s tools to analyze:

  • Target audience to know where they are online, what are their online behaviors and digital interactive formats.
  • What will be a stumbling-block in attracting massive participants (other events going on same day or within the week, is it advertised and what did their message say, compare to).
  • Carry out a PESTLE (political, economic, social, technology, legal and environment factors) analysis to cave out the best acceptable formats and set out tactical approach to get massive response from the targeted participants.
  • Main benefits that the target event’s participants will benefits from attending the event and list them in hierarchical order.


All the findings, evaluations, and data gathered will lead to proper promotion strategy. Then all the information will be moved to the next team. See the next tab.


2nd Team


Copy writers will write the digital advertising banner headlines, creative promotional articles, internet press release, online presentation of the event, and educative video script. See the next tab.


3rd Team


Ads formats team will design the online presentation, call-to-action banners in array of looks and feels, and online interactive media maintaining channels requirements and international ads display best practice and standards. See the next tab.


4th Team


Advertising copy creation experts will create the event’s advertising ads copies, research for best triggers, structure, and generate campaigns keywords. In addition, the team will select an internet focus event advertising spokesperson, and create its video. See the next tab.


Advertising Administrator


Event advertising administrator will employ internet event advertising spokesperson and e-mail all the created event’s advertising works and materials to the organizer to further confirm that all the online materials convey what the organizers want. Once all are confirmed, then the online publicity administrator will pay all the online digital platforms listed in the plan. See the next tab.


Account Manager


Account manager will deploy all the event’s advertising materials on assorted internet platforms and portals such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo,, Microsoft Adcenter, Linkedin, and numerous local websites targeted at Nigerians. Your event’s adverts will start showing immediately on all over the internet, and the banners start instantly to pop out in millions of places on internet. See the next tab.


5th Team


Events internet content publishing team will forward a copy of all the created event advertising articles, a spokesperson video, internet slide presentations, and a press release to the organizer before publishing the contents on social networking websites, and all the sharing platforms around the net. See the next tab.




Following professionals will be dedicated to the success of the event’s online promotion: account manager, online environment researcher, content marketer, social media ads expert, mobile ads strategist, online digital influencers, online display ads guru, search engine display expert, and campaign administrator. These experts will pull all their weight towards the event promotion in Nigeria all over the internet to ensure widest coverage and exposure, with a focus to achieve the objectives and goals of the upcoming event. Using over 10 years experience in online advertising, AdHang will generate a heavy online publicity about the upcoming event, and millions of Nigerians will be reached in any part of Nigeria.

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How to get started in hiring AdHang for an event promotion

A. Select a Plan (or you can let AdHang know your choices through your brief, “click here to download event’s advertising brief template“).
B. Email us a copy of your brief document; this will detail all to know about your upcoming event: target audiences and region, type of event (crusade, concert, carnival, seminar, political rally, festival, etc), duration of the publicity, organizer’s name and objectives. The online promotion objectives can be to sell ticket, create awareness, educate the target audience about the event, reminder, etc.


These are all the things needed for the event’s promotion creative works to begin. Your brief document will be analysed, and you will be contacted if any need during the preparations. It will take 5-10 working days to complete the advert creative works.



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