Church crusade promotion in Nigeria

The Rose of Sharon Glorious Ministries is an interdenominational Christian fellowship in Nigeria whose overseer is the prestigious Mrs. Folurunsho Alakija, the servant leader. The Ministry organized a 3-day crusade in October 2018, to be held at the National Stadium in Surulere Lagos and preparations were in top gear to accommodate the massive crowd that was expected. It was set to be a glorious three nights filled with enrapturing gospel music from popular gospel artistes and packed with the rich bread of life handed out hot and fresh from powerful men and women of God.

The Challenges

Subpar marketing strategies to create event awareness.
The ministry’s social media department was in charge of handling all the marketing and promotions for the upcoming crusade and they diligently set about to deploy the use of archaic traditional marketing strategies and suboptimal social media campaigns to create awareness for the event.
As the D-day loomed nearer it became obvious to them that the level of awareness generated was too low for the kind of turnout they were expecting and more cutting-edge marketing tools would have to be employed to achieve the desired results.

Enter AdHang with effective solutions

The ministry reached out to the AdHang team for help in creating awareness for this event to generate the maximum possible turnout.

The AdHang team did a thorough analysis of the situation and two major issues became clear:
1. The time was short (just a few weeks to the start of the crusade)
2. The expected number of people was high (the venue being used for the event was the National Stadium).

In order to meet up to the expectations of the ministry, the AdHang team would have to deploy several high impact online media marketing strategies, all at the same time, to target the largest and busiest awareness sites on the internet and reach the most number of people in the shortest time.

What AdHang did

1. Strategically placed a number of Sponsored video and contextual ads, on Facebook and Instagram.
2. Targeted Google search engines and thousands of its partners’ pages through paid ads’ variables
3. Promoted the event on public forums like and social media sites like using forum publications, promotional videos, and internet banners.
4. Created more awareness on using the event handbills
5. Online press releases on, a top Nigerian news site.
6. Publicized the event on active Facebook groups once for event awareness, and the second time as a reminder 24 hours before the kick-off of the event.
7. Created online communities’ threads in over top 10 Nigerian online forums, and an event site

The results

A heightened sense of occasion was created in Lagos and Ogun states in Nigeria.
The widespread awareness about the crusade also led to more recognition and awareness for Rose of Sharon Glorious ministries within Nigeria.
The Event appeared on popular search engines such as google leading to more popularity for the organizers even beyond Nigeria.
And the most important outcome was the large turnout of people at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, for the whole three days the crusade lasted for.

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