Obymart is a Nigerian reliable e-commerce site launched in October 2017 with a mission to provide the best quality products at competitive prices with a commitment to give customers the most satisfactory shopping experience.

Obymart offers both retail and wholesale products on various categories which include children’s toys, children’s fashion, children’s educational tablets, adult fashion, fitness products like massagers, home equipment, and printers.

To ensure customer satisfaction, they provide swift delivery, payment on delivery, nationwide delivery, and easy return.


The eCommerce sector is a competitive one, and building a successful online store would require a lot of planning, hard work and the right marketing strategies.

Obymart wanted to increase her brand’s reach.

With so many categories on offer and the solutions in place to ensure customer satisfaction, you’d think that Obymart would walk straight into the Nigerian eCommerce. However, reaching her target audience was a problem.

Being a new member in the Nigerian eCommerce, Obymart wanted to get its message across, create awareness, educate potential buyers and build an eCommerce presence.

In the search for productivity and results, Obymart came across AdHang, an agency that offers the exact solutions they were seeking.


After vetting different companies, Obymart settled for AdHang and contacted our support which responded immediately, and everything was in motion from then.

The company’s MD, Obiageli Mabel said, ” I visited AdHang’s office, I need a good digital marketing agency. We have a website designer, there is a difference between website designer and marketer, so I chose AdHang for digital marketing. Secondly, I want to be sure who we are dealing with, and now I can see AdHang is real,”

After situation analysis; AdHang started by running displays ads. This involved ads copywriting, designing internet banners with different sizes, placing the banner adverts on three online platforms, that is, health blogs (for advertising Obymart’s health products), Nigerian news site, and African forum and social networking site.

In a bid to create awareness while educating buyers about the online store, AdHang utilized a content marketing strategy best suited for the brand.

This involved publishing a promotional write-up, created by our professional copywriter, on different websites.

 Also employed the online store advertising four times in a month on tens of Facebook groups/marketplaces with 4 million+ members in all.


Within 30 days of implementing display ads and content marketing strategies, creating awareness across Nigeria and beyond, resulted in the following;

  • Over 2 million branding effects for the brand
  • Potential buyers and internet users were and are still being educated daily through published online contents
  • Increase in search engine ranking of the brand and what is all about
  • 250+ contents about Obymart were placed online permanently in multiple sites such as blogs, news sites, and social media; thus helping prospects to understand online the store better