Marketing Refund Policy

We are an agency and use tens of sites/platforms not belonging to us like Google, Facebook, Yahoo; Blogs, news portals, etc; these online media owners do not refund after ads are run, as a result we do not refund when we begin running adverts.

However, AdHang team using over a decade of experience employs the best marketing strategies that can achieve your objectives and goals; in addition ensures effective digital marketing that lasts for a long time: meaning, if your entity chooses to stop the online advertising after a certain period, only the display advertising will be stopped; all the other marketing contents will still be online in thousands of places working for you for years non-stop: press releases, educative content, videos, comments, recommendations, reviews, promotional piece, etc.

There will be a  deduction of our agency fee, and a balance refund if money is paid and the marketing has not started running. 


Creative Works Refund Policy

If your entity orders for AdHang’s creative works such as social media fanpage design, website design, headlines writing, internet banners, posters and videos; and you are not satisfied with the creative (which is unlikely); we will redo the creative works until you are satisfied.  Therefore, no refund, however, we guarantee 100% satisfaction as we have different talented professionals across the world who can work around the clock until the requirements are met. 

There will be a refund if money is paid and the creative work is not done.