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AdHang is a web video production company in Nigeria with expertise in producing range of engaging web videos. AdHang produces innovative, creative and cost-effective web videos’ solutions for all kinds of companies, institutions, event organizers and schools. AdHang has produced numerous videos that are being posted, and currently watched across thousands of platforms and channels on the internet, such as youtube, organizations’ websites, twitter, cokoyes, linkedin, vimeo, facebook, etc.


Web video production from AdHang meets international standards, and AdHang team while producing videos takes into consideration many factors such as the technical, environmental, and behavioral pattern of the target audience and channel preferences. In addition, all videos will be edited, optimized and finished in such a manner they will be compatible to watch neatly on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, etc.


In producing a video, depending on the objectives of the video production – budget, time and other factors. AdHang can employ different production components like animations, actors or presenters (males or females, young or old characters, white or black persons) to convey your message to a given audience – be it for promotional campaigns, demos or marketing web videos.


As the number one web video production company in Nigeria, AdHang can help your entity to produce video for different purposes – explanation, press release, illustration, marketing, testimonial, political campaign, case study, spokesperson and demo.


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