The Terms of Service refer to an agreement between the user and the service provider. Please note that by agreeing to the terms and services listed below you would be signing a legal agreement between you (the user) and us (the service provider).

The terms of service describe the rules and regulations that will be applicable on all the services provided by us to you. You will have to follow the rules if you choose to use our services. If you under any legit reason do not agree to the terms of service, then you are fully allowed to not avail our services.

You must:

  1. Be 18 years of age.
  2. Prove that you are legally of this age and that any information you provide is to the best of your knowledge.
  3. Provide guarantee if you represent an organization or a firm
  4. Have no objection on the fact that this agreement can be nullified if our company wills.


Adhang is Nigeria’s online advertising agency with an experience of 10+ years. We realize how important it is to indemnify an advertiser as a company and protect the employees, workers, directors, members and officers of the company. Our employees will not be held responsible for any damages, liabilities, costs, expenses, obligations, penalties or losses emanating from advertising media owners, member of the public, your industry regulatory authority, or any interested third party as a result of your advertising/marketing by AdHang.

Adhang will however not be liable to pay for damages, losses or any expenses that is caused by the employee when they were indemnified for doing the company’s work but get sued for charges against any other non-work related issue.


At AdHang, we provide the widest internet coverage possible and offer digital marketing services as well. There is a proper procedure that has to be followed in order to hire us and then a roadmap is made to follow through. We promise you that the information you give us to make online adverts will be safe with us and our company make no decision that will be against the welfare of your company.


If you do a contract with our company to use our services then any regulatory authority guideline that has been issues will be maintained up to 100%.


Here at AdHang, we know how important it is to maintain principles and work ethics. We make sure that all our employees follow specific rules which lead to exceptional services. These include providing the clients with spam-free work, and ensuring that all the advertising media owners’ terms of services are met producing and presenting your creatives. Any problem you have related to the public perception as a result of our creatives and advertising should be reported at once and if the issue is found to be valid, action will be taken.


If due to any circumstances, you want to cancel your contract with our company, then you are bound to inform us at least a month before. Note that due to the service nature of advertising and numerous third parties involved which must have been paid, we do not refund the money paid for advertising and its works. Also, we inform you that all the videos, presentations, articles and press releases posted online will still be present online.  Because of the viral nature of our online advertising, our company does not have the capacity to track all and bring them down.


AdHang makes sure that whatever information is exchanged through sources between the user and our service provider is kept at utmost privacy. All the information gathered during campaigns will not be sold, promoted or given to any other service provider. Your information is in good hands.